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Trader Joe's Chicken Sausage with Apple - ideas?

I fell victim to the Trader Joe's free sampling and bought the chicken sausage with apple. But....what should I do with it? Any suggestions on quick and easy preparations??

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  1. We had some from Costco a while back (I still have a pack in the freezer). I asked the same question and was greatly rewarded by Cherylptw with her recipe for Sweet Potato Hash. So dinner for breakfast that night and have made it several times since. I highly recommend the dish. It goes so well with the sausage. You can find her recipe here:


    1. Two ideas came to mind:

      - Mix with cornbread, peppers and onion to make a stuffing for butternut or other squash

      - cut into bite-sized pieces and use in an Italian Wedding Soup inspired dish . . . chicken stock, pasta and whatever veggies you have on hand.

      1. I occasionally slice them up, saute them in a little oil with shredded cabbage, and serve the whole mess with pierogie and sour cream. Good fall food!

        1. Just remembered something else that would work. This month's Food TV mag has a recipe for Spaghetti w Sausage and Cauliflower. I don't have the mag w me but I seem to recall there was no sauce per se, just evoo, garlic, grn onions and maybe some chs on top.

          1. I'd add to French lentils, sautee some leeks or shallots, maybe some apples, too, some chicken or vegetable stock.

            1. I only buy those exact sausages for this fantastic recipe (Herb roasted butternut squash and sausage):


              I always serve it w/polenta. It is simple, autumnal, and delicious.

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                Oh my. That sounds amazing! I have polenta at home - all I need to pick up is the butternut squash - which I LOVE!
                Thanks!! :)

              2. Sausage fried with some chopped vinegar peppers (preferably hot) and sliced onions, perhaps garlic too. Packed into a Kaiser roll. Served with a tossed salad. Could use a variety of bell peppers then throw in some balsamic vinegar toward the end.

                1. I would just cut them in half lengthwise, grill the halves, and serve them as a brunch side dish -- I find them too sweet to enjoy them in a savory dish.

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                    I buy these sausages frequently in the Fall. I braise sliced cabbage and onions with the sausage. You can add either a sliced apple, or a liitle apple cider along with some caraway seeds. Serve with spicy mustard. Always a big hit for an easy one pot dinner.

                  2. I buy them from Costco regularly. I just love them simply grilled and served on a bun with spicy mustard (my default is Gulden's). Although, that sweet potato hash recipe sounds great and I will definitely try it since I always have those sausages in my freezer!

                    1. diced and browned in a little olive oil. toss in a package of baby spinach, cover and let the spinach wilt. in the meantime, toast some chopped hazelnuts. when the spinach was wilted, throw in the nuts, and a small knob of bleu cheese. toss until cheese melts.