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Sep 13, 2010 10:47 PM

George Foreman Hot Zone griddle - Any opinions?

Recently I've been messing around with making chicken teriyaki on an electric griddle, and I've been finding that there just doesn't seem to be enough heat to get everything cooked the way I like it (it's still better than trying to cook on the stove though.) While browsing in the store today I came across the George Foreman Hot Zone griddle, which mostlyu acts like a regular electric griddle, but has a "hot zone" that can be activated to allow for 500-degree searing as needed. I'm curious if anyone here has tried one of these, and what they think of it.

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  1. I don't own a George Foreman Hot Zone griddle. Here's a review of electric griddles by Cook's Illustrated. Unfortunately they didn't review the George Foreman Hot Zone griddle.

    Cook's Illustrated review of Electric Griddles:
    Published January 1, 2009.


    Broilking Professional Griddle, Model Number PCG-10
    West Bend Cool-Touch Nonstick Electric Griddle, Model Number 216390
    Cuisinart Griddler, Model Number GR-4

    Recommended with Reservations

    Rival Nonstick Electric Griddle, Model Number GR201

    Not Recommended

    Presto Professional 22-inch Jumbo Electric Griddle, Model Number 07039
    Cuisinart Electric Nonstick Grill and Griddle, Model Number GG-2
    Black & Decker Family-Size Electric Nonstick Griddle, Model Number GR101