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Sep 15, 2005 04:59 PM

new spots near pico and la brea?

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I was picking up some rosocoe's last night and noticed the following places:

Maurice's Fried Chicken To Go
The Stakeout (cheese steak place)
Posh on Pico (not sure of the name of this place)

has anyone checked these places out. I hadn't been to roscoes in well over a year so they might not be that new.

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  1. Posh on Pico is the only one I've been to -- it's a few months old. It looks like a coffeehouse, but it has a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner of Latin-influenced dishes. I had some nice eggs and arepas there and the spicy house burger was good too.


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      you might want to try Pasquale's on Venice near Hauser. great coffee, salads, breakfast, montreal bagels. yum.

      1. re: annie

        I think this place is actually on San Viciente, not Venice.

    2. I like Posh. Been there a few times. Good burger, good bfst, and they have some good desserts.

      Where is there a cheesesteak place?

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        The cheesesteak place is Stake-Out (sic? -- as name is listed on the L.A. Public Health Website) Take-Out is at 5101 W Pico -- just west of La Brea. The sign was up long before it opened, but I think it opened just recently.

      2. Did the Stake-out Take-out place even open? I've been driving by there for quite a while & never seen it actually open.

        Right next to Posh is the Sierra Bonita Cafe, which is my new favorite weekend spot (and was there first). Their breakfasts are tasty and inexpensive and their sandwiches look very tasty (I've yet to try them, but companions report that they are good). Their espresso is quite nice (rich taste, good crema), and their sticky buns are excellent.

        1. The Stakeout is on the N/W corner of Pico and Redondo. Haven't been, have only seen.

          1. I've been remiss and haven't tried any of those, despite living in the neighborhood. But to add to the list, our neighborhood ass'n recently sent out an e-mail saying a new bakery -- I believe the name was "Maison du Pain" -- was to be opening on Pico around Hauser-ish, and there's a listing on the L.A. Public Health website with that name at 5373 W Pico -- anyone know anything about it?

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              haven't been to la maison du pain yet, but there was a great article about it in the la times on friday.

              also be sure to check out CJ's, a bustling greasy-spoon diner on Pico, a block west of Hauser. Their breakfast menu reflects the community's demographic -- in addition to the typical french toast/omelet fare, you can also get things like catfish and eggs and juevos con chorizo with warm tortillas.