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Millet Flour and sorghum flour

Where do i find millet flour and sorghum flour in GVRD?

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  1. Anita's looks like the place for Millet they have a list of their retail partners on the site


    Have never seen Sorghum maybe Africa General Market up on Kingsway give them a call.


    1. Your best bet is to try a Choices. They carry Bob's Red Mill brand which is a great brand. Never have to worry about the quality with them. Bulk places are more hit and miss.

      http://www.choicesmarket.com/stores.htm Choices has stores in Van, BBY, and White Rock.

      http://www.bobsredmill.com/ for a description of the products.

      A lot of greengrocers and Capers/Whole Foods also carries this brand but not all have extensive selections.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Famous Foods on Kingsway (where 25th intersects) has a huge variety of grains and might be worth checking also.

        1. I just made a gluten free loaf using Bob's sorghum and millet, potato starch and xanthan gum and it came out pretty good. I'm sorry I can't help on a store since I'm in Berkeley but jonnycat's link will get you Bob's store finder which shows many locations in greyelf's city.

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            You can get Bob's at Donald's Market, Famous Foods, and a number of places in Vancouver.

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              Hey wolfe, nice to see you around these parts!

            2. Galloways carries buckwheat (sorghum?) flour. They have a store in Burnaby, and another in Richmond, plus on-line. www.gallowaysfoods.com

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                Sorghum and buckwheat are not the same.

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                  Galloways has sorghum flour, too.

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                    I'm not sure I would want sorghum blini for my caviar and sour cream snacks. ;-)

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                      The Grainery (sp?) @ GIM has sorghum flour.

                      Grainery Cafe
                      555 Burrard 206A, Vancouver, BC , CA

              2. You can find sorghum flour online, (iherb.com - coupon code DIS959 will get you a $5 discount - easiest method), but you can definitely get it at Drive Organics, for what I think is way too expensive, but that's just me. If you want to risk it (cross contamination always a possibility, so if you're intolerant to gluten I wish you luck and get back to me with your results if you try), you can find it in Little India (the Punjabi Market carries lots of it, as well as millet flour and whole grains of millet), however it is called Jowar flour (alternate name), and it is considerably less expensive. The Africana market does carries some hard-to-find flours, like foufou (yam or plantain), or teff, but the Punjabi Market has a huge selection of imported grain-and-flour goodness. Check it out, but first do your research and learn the alternate names of the flours that you seek. Happy experimenting, and do share your recipes/finds!

                1. Hi, I realize that this was posted a long time ago, but my wife found a great solution to expensive store bought flours. She gave our old coffee grinder a super cleaning and now we grind whatever kind of flour we want: brown rice, millet, oat, quinoa, you could use almost anything. I've been thinking about trying dried chick pea just to see.

                  Hope this helps!