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Sep 15, 2005 04:28 PM

Harvey Guss Report

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Based on the reccomendations from this board I purchased two NY steaks from the one and only Harvey Guss. After a simple preparation of cracked sea salt and malabar peppercorn crust, the steaks were grilled on coals, and topped with a dab of blue cheese butter. The steaks were indeed, marvelous. I saw the slabs of beef hanging at Harvey Guss and they looked the most "aged" I have seen yet. I have to say that after sampling steaks from Alexander Meats, Owens, Bel Air, Maraconda, Huntington meats, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods, Harvey Guss has the best steaks. Alexander's comes up a close second, and Bristol Farms a 3rd if you can deal with their prices. Guss's steaks have a great balance of marbling and rich flavor from his 30 day aging process. The NY tasted a lot like a rib eye and I can only imagine how good those are going to taste. Thanks to everyone that has mentioned this place.

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  1. What did he charge for just two NY Strips? Did you catch any flak for such a (comparatively) small order?

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      He charged $30 for the two steaks which weighed in at about 3/4 of a pound each. And I caught no flak at all, in fact he was jazzed when I showed up and showed me where the beef has being hung - an incredible sight to see - I felt like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Beef.

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        That's good to hear. Probably the main reason I've never placed an order with Harvey's was that I didn't want to be a bother with such a small request...

        I know others here have placed "small" orders, but posters usually mention picking up 6 or 8 steaks, not 2.

        I've got no reason to wait any longer -- Thanks for the report!

    2. A true gem in SoCal. It's too bad beef prices in particular have skyrocketed, but there just aren't too many comparable places like HG in SoCal...or most other places for that matter.

      Sigh...if only it were closer to me here in OC...but then again, maybe it's better that way!

      1. Glad you liked it. We love his New Yorks.


        1. Obviously adding on to a VERY old thread here...but couldn't have been happier with this place. Called, left a message, picked up the next morning and was greeted by Harvey himself who is so friendly and has been doing this for 53 years. Prices were fantastic ($53 for 6.7lbs of tri-tip - would have been around $100 at Whole Foods), and while it's a bit difficult to judge on quality since I did a 4-day marinade...the look pre-marinade/uncooked was perfect, and tasted delicious after hitting the BBQ. I will definitely be trying more from him...he says he distributes to Campanille, JAR, etc... and even said the day that I picked it up that he had delivered a bunch of tri-tip to campanille.

          In terms of previous concerns about size of order...he didn't seem concerned at all. I just left the voicemail and picked up the next morning paying in cash.

          Sorry...forgot to take a pic prior to grilling...marinade was OJ, Soy, Garlic & Ginger for 4 days...baste meat with extra marinade as you grill...delicious:

          1. This is the best place in Los Angeles for everything - not only steaks. My thanksgiving turkey is from Harvey. As far as I am concerned, he is the best of the best.

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              So... where is Harvey Guss? I'm new to LA, moved from Seattle 9 mo ago. I was able to drive to a local farm & buy 1/4 of a cow... organic. Looking for a way to do this in LA if possible.