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best bakery for a birthday cake?

Where is the best place to get a birthday cake? I am fairly new to town and the boyfriend's birthday is coming up. We live on the north side but will be going downtown on the day.

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  1. My wife got my last birthday cake from Cake Mix. It's a husband and wife team who are/were the pastry chefs at parkside and Uchi. It looked and tasted great.


    1. Ann's Kitchen on Spicewood Springs. http://www.annskitchen.com/ Great stuff.

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        Ann's Kitchen has a new, 2nd location in Cedar Park. I believe it's around 183 and Buttercup Creek, near Jardin Corona. They brought a cake to our office yesterday and it was devoured.

        Jardin Corona
        600 S Bell Blvd Ste 13, Cedar Park, TX 78613

        1. I like Sugar Mamas bakery and Mad Cakes. They are yummy!!!

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            Seconded. I pretty much go to them exclusively for my birthday cake needs. Here's what they did for my son's 5th birthday (cake and cupcakes):

          2. Lux bakery, but it is south...sw to be exact. William Cannon in between brodie and mopac but awesome!!


            1. I use Sweetish Hill downtown. The wrote 'Go to Hell Ole Miss' on my husband's birthday cake, and I will always love them for that.

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                Russell's did an EXCELLENT job on our daughter's wedding cakes, and his coconut cake, served daily at his bakery near Jefferson Square, is the best I've ever tasted....

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                  I would caution you not to go to Russell's for a cake. I had an awful experience with them just yesterday. In fact, I'm in the process of documenting the details to send a note to the owner. The basic story is that I ordered a birthday cake for my young son and had a very specific conversation with the employee who took my order about the cake having a simple design that was festive and age appropriate. He specifically mentioned swirls or squiggles and assured me that their decorators would do a great job. The cake that my husand brought home yesterday was covered in grapevines and grape clusters. It was lovely for an adult wine-themed celebration, but it was nothing that you'd request for a child. I immediately called the bakery and had a polite conversation with the employee who happened to box the cake and she absolutely agreed that the decoration was not age appropriate and certainly not festive. When I spoke with the manager, it all went downhill. She attempted to say that squiggles, polka dots, and swirls are all for girls and that grapevines and grape clusters are for boys and that her five-year old son would be thrilled with the grapevine cake. She said that I had to return the cake to get a refund. That wasn't an option because I was expecting 30 guests within the hour and couldn't leave the house, much less be left without a dessert. When I explained that to her, her response was, "And that's my fault?" I was stunned and that was the end of our conversation.

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                    I wouldn't have sent my husband to pick it up in the first place, personally. Not that that makes your situation ok... just when it matters to me, I go myself.

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                      Yes, Dr. Deliciious, in a perfect world he would be home taking care of the kids and new baby and preparing the meal and house, and I would be out picking up the balloons, cake, and ice. Thanks for your input.

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                        So, bottom line did THE kid like the cake or what. that's life. Move on.

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                          Believe me, we've moved on. And no, the kid did not like the cake. The gobs of dark purple and dark green icing, an inch thick in some parts, were greasy. He ate one bite and left it alone.

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                      Russell's isn't a scratch bakery. They use box mixes. When it comes to great cakes, I want one made from scratch.

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                        a bakery that uses box mixes?! isn't that an oxymoron?

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                          It happens all the time. They "bake" the cakes. It's a way to save money/time. They still custom decorate and at times they enhance the mixes or the fillings.

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                    Sweetish Hill's old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate icing will always be my favorite birthday cake in town. My husband's favorite is Quack's chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

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                      I'll put in a vote for Sweetish Hill too. My previous office would always get bday cakes from them. Any cake I've had from there has been spectacular.

                    2. Gateau Marisa at Upper Crust is always a crowd-pleaser. Really dense, and not cheap but very yummy. Description from the site:

                      A traditional yellow cake layered with pastry cream and a choice of fresh sliced strawberries, bananas or a combination of the two. Iced with a cream cheese icing and topped with whole strawberries. (contains alcohol)

                      I would order it more, but usually it's just me and the hubs for our b-days. Too hard on the hips.

                      Another thread on this topic:

                      1. Is Sweetish Hill still the king? The place I bought cakes from in Round Rock closed, "Be My Cupcake". RIP

                        I'm also considering Upper Crust since I like their stuff.

                        1. I'm bumping this thread again, hoping for some new recommendations please!

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                            I think that your Feb 4th post was the most relevant. But are they're cakes too sweet? Upper Crust seems to strike a good balance with sweetness, but the texture seems to suffer a bit. There's a place at Anderson Mill and 183 that is really good. I'll have to look it up. Just "south" of the intersection...between 183 and Pond Springs..

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                              Are you talking about Dream Bakery? They don't have a lot of recent yelp activity.
                              has anybody gotten a cake from Round Rock Donuts? Someone on reddit said they actually make good cakes.

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                                yes, i think he's talking about dream bakery.

                                never tried the cakes at that place next to cupprimo (ann's? someone's name) but heard it's good. spicewood & 183

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                                Upper Crust has very good cakes. I buy the Italian Crème, Gateau Marisa, and Grandma's chocolate on a regular basis for some special luncheons that I host several times a year. All three are consistently excellent.