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Sep 13, 2010 04:08 PM

What food products would you like to customize online?

There's a number of websites that let you design your own food online...

... Chocolate Bars:
... Ice Cream:
... Nutrition Bars: and
... Beef Jerky:

What are some food products that you would _like_ to customize and why?

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  1. I'd customize everything if I could...I guess that is why I make most of my own stuff. Most importantly, I'd take out the salt and sugar of just about everything.

    Yoghurt: I don't need that much sodium in my plain yoghurt and I'd love to make my own flavours. Cardamom Honey is my first choice, Lime Rose is my second.

    Soy Sauce: If only there was such a thing as truly low-sodium soy sauce. The ones on the market are way too high for me.

    Dijon Mustard: I have found one mustard that is sodium free but it is stone ground which is not my favourite. I'd love to have a salt-free dijon. When I make it myself, it is so very spicy hot that I hardly use any. I normally slather on a couple tablespoons at least if it is store bought.

    Yeah, that Beef Jerky is a great idea! If I could have low-sodium (beef, turkey, veggie, salmon) jerky, all the world's problems would vanish. I've got to check out that link soon.

    Cookies would be great if I could dictate the amount of sugar, salt and the flavours too. I'd like to have those oreo cookies that are coated with mint/chocolate but organic and with less sugar/salt than cookies normally come with. I'd have lemon/ginger Newman-Os and then coat them in yoghurt. Oh, and those peanut butter Newman-Os should be coated in chocolate too.

    That is all I can think of but it is a great topic. I just can't stop thinking about customizing everything now...

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      :) You are very creative. I would have never thought someone would answer Soy Sauce. Wow!

      Cookies exists to some degree (see Yoghurt is an awesome idea - it could come with mix ins as well! Has anyone ever ordered yoghurt online?