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Sep 13, 2010 03:45 PM

Sun Hung Fat Supermarket in Oakland - Closed

I have been shopping at this market for several years. I think it used to be called A-1 Thai Supermarket, but now the sign reads Sun Hung Fat Supermarket and IT'S CLOSED! I peeked in through the windows and saw that the shelves were bare, the lights were off and there were stacks of boxes, etc. all over. To drive the point home, their parking lot had a chain across the entrance.

It's amazing to me that this place has closed. Whenever I was in there it was bustling. They had a very good butcher shop at the back and a huge selection of veggies, sauces, spices, condiments, etc., not to mention a very large frozen food section.

Anybody know what happened?

I used to go to the market on the corner of 7th and Jackson. I liked the other place better but I guess I'll be returning to my old haunt.

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  1. I feel like the supermarkets in Chinatown in Oakland especially have felt the hurt of 99 Ranch. Many of them don't seem to be able to compete with the large selection there. That's my guess.

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      Yeah, that's what one would think, but this place was always bustling and the place at 7th and Jackson is, too. Their parking lot's always full. Maybe it's because 99 Ranch is a trek from downtown Oakland - the transition ramp from 580 to 80 North is almost always traffic snarl and the merge into 80 at Powell Street is also slow.

      Also, I was down there on Monday and it was, as usual, crowded and bustling with loads of shoppers.

    2. it's not just ranch 99. down the street has 2 groceries recently opened (h.k. outlets and hometown?) that push veggies and canned items. chinatown proper has tens of shop that sell the same thing. the bad parking situation has discouraged many from shopping in chitown on a steady basis.