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Sep 13, 2010 03:28 PM

Captain's Galley restaurant in Crisfield MD - still open?

Just wondering if anyone knows if the Captain's Galley restaurant in Crisfield MD is still open? I'm finding mixed answers on the interwebs. If not, are there any alternative seafood restaurants or crab houses of note in Crisfield or the area?

Thank you


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    1. re: hon

      Thanks, I found that site but can't seem to contact them. I guess they're shut.

      Thanks for your help anyway.

    2. Captains Galley is no longer opened. It was torn down and condos replaced it years ago. There are many crab houses in Crisfield. You can visit Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse which is the old SideStreet Market, there is Lintons Seafood, which now has a crab deck built on.