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Sep 13, 2010 03:22 PM

what's the best restaurant in San Diego open late (11:30pm)?

I'm flying in this evening!


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  1. 3rd Corner in OB. Not only best, but the only option unless you count 24 hour taco shops.

    Edited to add: seems to be closed Mondays, of course.

    Might want to try Starlight - near airport as well. Website claims "Late Night Dining" but that means different things to different people.

    1. check this place out. Downtown, and thus close to the airport.

      Highly recommended!

      1. Starlite is open until 2am and is probably the easy winner in the 'Best Late NIght Dining' category. Most other options would fall in the general category of 'diner'

        3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

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          Starlite has only food available until 12am and the late-night menu (starting at 10pm) is OK but not as good as regular menu.

          3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

        2. I'd say Yakitori Yakyudori in Hillcrest, but they're only open Wed-Sunday now. The location in Kearny Mesa is open tonight, but only til midnight and is too far, if you don't have a car (or feel like driving 20-30 minutes).

          There really aren't so many options for late night in San Diego. Of those...there are the following, though none of them would be considered on any "best restaurant" list outside of their own categories (burger, pizza, mexican food). But they're all sit-down, or a bar.

          The Waterfront is in Little Italy right near the airport. Great bar burger/menu. Historic(ish) bar for San Diego, so it's kind of divey. Some local taps/bottles as well.

          There's also Santana's fast food Mexican right next door to the Waterfront, which is 24 hours, and a particularly good location for Santana's. Nothing beats some good Mexican fastfood.

          Basic Urban kitchen is open late in the Gaslamp. Great pizza and salads, but that's it on the menu.

          La Puerta in the Gaslamp. Open til 1am. Excellent tequilas and great street-style Mexican food in a sit-down restaurant/bar. If I had to pick one from this list it would be to eat here. Mondays are half-off drinks and appetizers all night as well. So, that's a nice bonus.

          Starlite is great too, but kind of in an obscurish part of town for a visitor. Great interior, and you have to get a Mule to drink.

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          1. re: cookieshoes

            "La Puerta in the Gaslamp. Open til 1am."

            They don't have food till 1am, do they?

            1. re: stevewag23

              Yes food til 1AM every night. i like this place too, but only been for lunch and early HH. They also have late HH pricing starting at 10PM.

          2. Harney sushi serves pretty late. Not sure about 11:30, you may want to call.

            Also, its near the airport.