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Sep 13, 2010 01:33 PM

Need breakfast/brunch rec's for Richmond Central!

Hi all,

I recently moved to Richmond (Brighouse area) and while we have been really pleased with some of the lunch/dinner options (Shanghai River, Green Lemongrass, etc) but we REALLY like an awesome weekend brunch...and there doesn't seem to be much going on. We tried the "One Cafe" but it is more of a HK style cafe and not quite the waffles and eggs benedict we were looking for.

So - anywhere in Richmond making a great brunch?


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  1. Hmmm, somehow the question shouldn't be this hard. But .....

    My first inclination is to check out the various hotel restaurants along Sea Island Way and Bridgeport Road.

    My second recommendation is to check out Steveston Village. Alas I have no specific recommendations.

    The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill is a fun place to be, esp. on a dry morning, where you can sit on the large outside deck and watch the float planes land, literally a couple of hundred feet away. It's one of Mark James Group of restaurants and I've never had a bad experience there, other than the occasional long waits.

    Just checked their site and breakfast menu .... several bennies to choose from :-)

    1. Not near Brighouse at about in Steveston? Gudrun or Tapenade Bistro.

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          Tapenade looks great, I'll have to check it out soon and let you know how it goes. Flying beaver also looks intriguing...probably less of a "gourmet" brunch experience it looks like though.