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Sep 13, 2010 11:24 AM

What to order at Long Provincial?


Have visited TT, but am no way a connoisseur. Would love your recommendation for favorite dishes.

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  1. Ehereal, The appetizers really shine at Long's. Don't miss the Cinamon pork rice balls and Long's Provincial rolls. For entree's you can't go wrong with any seafood dish, especially the shrimp with pork.

    1. Tamarind Tree Rolls...yummmmmmmmmmm!

      Tamarind Tree
      1036 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

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        The chili pepper lemongrass tofu is pretty good too (coming from a meat-eater).

      2. They have a pineapple chicken salad that is fantastic. Lots of well-seasoned food, but still tastes light and healthy.

        1. You guys were right...the appetizers really shine. We had the Tamarind Tree rolls and the cinnamon pork rice balls. The pork was simply divine. The rolls excellent, but I'm not sure anything could hold a light to those pork rice balls.

          We had the soft shell crab salad which was the most successful of our entrees. Braised halibut and short ribs, while tasty, weren't as fabulous as those appetizers. Green beans were "meh."

          Thanks for the recommendations. YUM--we had an outstanding time and a delicious meal.

          Tamarind Tree
          1036 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

          1. My favorite dish by far is the da nang pork. It's a perfectly seasoned and charbroiled piece of pork served with rice and veggies. It sounds boring, but I've rarely found such perfectly cooked and seasoned pork. It really is a treat.