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Peruvian products and/or produce in Portland?

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Hey, does anyone know where to find good quality Peruvian products especially produce in the Portland metro area?


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  1. Try Dashen International. Latin, Peruvian, etc. I haven't been able to find aji amarillo, rocoto, huacatay, etc. anywhere but Dashen. I don't know if I can vouch for the produce, I haven't purchased any there, but I have enjoyed the frozen peppers/fruit of which there is substantial variety.

    What are some ingredients that I should be looking for specifically as I experiment with Peruvian cuisine?

    Also, there is a new Peruvian food cart called Salt & Pepper just south of Fubonn grocery on 82nd. Enjoyed the meal I had there very much.


    Salt & Pepper
    12184 Ehlen Rd NE, Aurora, OR 97002

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      Thank you for the info. We (my wife and I) have found several dried Peruvian peppers at New Seasons (aji amarillo, aji especial, and aji limo). We're trying to get some of the more hardcore vegetables: Caigua, olluco, peruivan lemons, choclo (corn), maiz morado, etc. We'll hit up Dashen and go hang with the Salt & Pepper folks to get the inside scoop on where to stock for a proper peruvian kitchen transplanted in Portland.


      Shawn & Judith

      Salt & Pepper
      12184 Ehlen Rd NE, Aurora, OR 97002