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Sep 13, 2010 10:17 AM

Pregnant wife hungry -- HELP!!!

Hello fellow chowhounds, I am in need of some food help. As my subject line states, I need help dealing with food for my pregnant wife. As most of you know, expectant moms have cravings for the most random things at any given time.

What I need help with are a list of places that are open late within reasonable distance from where I am at (Upper Darby) and am willing to drive at most 20-30 mins from my house to get food. Her big thing lately has been soups (Italian Wedding/Wonton) and obviously, that will change as weeks go on to other things like sandwiches and main entrees. I'm not looking for suggestions like Pat's or Geno's or any chain restaurants; more like local good eats that are open late or worth going to to fulfill her and the baby's hunger pangs.

All help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. First of all, congrats on pending fatherhood!! What a fun time! Second, don't be so sure you know which way the cravings will head. She may not crave sandwiches or entrees at all. I was never a breakfast foods person, I'd be happy with pizza or cold spaghetti in the morning. So I was not expecting to crave eggs, of all things, when I got pregnant. And pancakes - I ate enough eggs and pancakes those nine months to last a lifetime.

    Good Luck!

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      funny you say that because with our first child, all she ate were pancakes 24/7. her choice of food during her 1st trimester is pizza, pizza, pizza. she has been leaning towards soups now, which are hard to get around me in the middle of the night (italian wedding and wonton soup). most places that carry those soups are closed come 11pm-on, and there aren't too many chinese restaurants that are open late around me, even the take out places.

      either way, i need to know of good places around the delco/main line area that are open late with decent food. please help!!

      1. re: paychecktoday

        Why not get some of the stuff she likes and just keep it in the house, so you don't have to go out in the middle of the night. I didn't have any particular cravings when I was pg, just wanted to eat and made sure there was plenty of stuff around. If she likes soups, pick up some early and keep then in the fridge.

        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          I thought about that, but she is the person who, if they know it's in the house, they will eat it right away. So for example, if I were to have soup/snacks in the house that I bought the night beforte either in the fridge/cabinets, it will be gone by the time I get home from work the next day, lol.

          So yes, I can technically buy stuff and stock up, but in the long run, it will be consumed quicker and I will be SOL in the long run.

    2. have you been to Carlino's Italian deli/gourmet in Ardmore? you have to mapquest it --it's County Line Road, Ardmore -- they have fresh breads, cakes, all kinds of deli/cold cuts and cheese --but I know they have their own soup! The Italian wedding is good and i've had bean. They sell some in quart plastic, others are frozen so you could stock up on a few!

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      1. re: elmom

        I know exactly where Carlino's is (by the McGillicuddy's). I'll definitely stop by there on my way home from work (Bala Cynwyd) and stock up on some Italian wedding soup. Thanks for the suggestion!!

      2. Brothers Pizza & Restaurant, 700 Burmont Rd., Drexel Hill, makes good soup but they suspend making it in hot weather. Keep it in mind for the days to come - eat-in or takeout.

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        1. re: Elaine

          I never knew Brother's did anything more than good pizzas and steaks. Last time I went there, they were at their old location across the street in the strip of stores. Definitely will check them out.

        2. I know this may not be exactly responsive to your request, but if you are in Center City during the day, and keeping soup at home is an option, Ting Wong in Chinatown, on 10th street, has the most amazing wonton soup. They close at 9pm every day and are not open on Tuesday, but they pack the soup for takeout with the noodles/wontons in one container and the broth in another, so it reheats perfectly and is just like fresh! It is also a steal at just over $4 for a big portion with wontons only, or a bit more for the other add ins they have.

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          1. re: LPhila

            Im assuming Ting Wong is the one across from David's Mai Lai Wah? If so, yes, they make an EXCELLENT wonton soup. I usually go for the Hong Kong wonton soup. Only problem is that they close early. If so, i'll just stroll across the street to david's and get some.

            Anyone know if Sang Kee in Wynnewood is worth going to for Chinese?

          2. get out of the house!!!!!