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Sep 13, 2010 10:05 AM

Hawaiian Shaved Ice in SD?

Been looking around for good shaved ice, anything like Matsumoto shaved ice in Hawaii. Very finely shaved ice, fluffier than snow.

Tried places like Tea Station but it's okay. Same with places in LA. The difference is all in the machine you use. I know someone has this machine because during Obon and other events they're making it and it's decent.

Just a long shot, but maybe someone knows! If you go to Hawaii you gotta try it..

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  1. They have shaved ice at Tea Garden on Convoy. Might want to give it a try but I doubt it'll be up to the standard that you are looking for. I've had it and it's pretty good, but nothing extraordinary IMO.

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      The last (and really only) shaved ice that I ever enjoyed in San Diego was that produced by the now-defunct concession in the Mitsuwa Marketplace now occupied by Kayaba. However even while it was available it was overpriced (I think it may have been $7-8?), but even with the high tariff it was still close enough to what I craved to make it worthwhile.

      Perhaps your best option these days might be checking out the offerings at the various Hawaiian plate lunch places scattered throughout the county. Shaved ice in a Hawaiian context promises to be more than just crushed ice.

      The other possibility would be to check out the various offerings at the Obon festivals (summertime only), though the quality will vary depending upon the quality (expense) of the machine they use... What is now known as Hawaiian shaved ice was introduced by the Japanese into Hawaii as a version of their milk Kintoki (milk & sweetened Azuki beans) Kaikikoori (shaved ice), the Japanese version using sweetened condensed milk instead of the scoop of vanilla ice cream of the Hawaiian version.

      BTW in Los Angeles there would be many more options, but a sentimental favorite of mine would be the milk Kintoki at Mitsuru Cafe in Little Tokyo Plaza, the same place that also bakes the Taiyaki in their window. (Other options include Hanaichimonme in the Mitsuwa building, or in a pinch the Mikawaya in Little Tokyo Plaza...)

    2. The Pacific Islander Festival is coming up in Mission Bay Park on the weekend of September 25-26. Bet there'll be some there, though don't know of what quality it will be.

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      1. Yes, we have had Matsumoto in Oahu and make a point of stopping there on our "drive around the island in circles" trip. Haven't really looked hard for shaved ice here in SD. Report back if you find any!

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        1. re: daantaat

          Just had Matsumoto's shave ice of lilikoi and ice cream at the bottom.
          If we can only patent that machine and bring it here to SD..
          Best shave ice evah..

          1. re: Beach Chick

            you didn't put azuki beans at the bottom either? what a shame!! ice cream and beans make it better!

        2. The shaved ice at Island Style cafe is pretty good. Great place for Hawaiian food too.

          Island Style Cafe
          5950 Santo Rd, San Diego, CA 92124

          1. Donut Star in mission hills off washington. Totally random never would think it would have good shaved ice but man this is the best I can find stateside. Big, fluffy and melts in your mouth. True shaved ice, I recommend tigers blood and pina colada. The only thing is that they aren't traditional in the sense of offering ice cream at the bottom or snowcapped but they have really good shaved ice.