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Sep 13, 2010 09:34 AM

Great Beach restaurant

We love going to Amuse Bistro! The food is so tasty with so many creative flavours.
On top of all the delicious choices, the ambiance is warm with great service from the owners Judit and Stephen. This is definitely the best in the Beach!

1975 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1J1, CA

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    1. re: Herb

      I agree with Herb...there really aren't that many good restaurants in the Beaches, so saying it's the best here...that doesn't mean much.

      I've gone there a few times now, and yes, it is indeed the best restaurant at the Beaches. But with chef Pat Riley there since May, I would say it's definitely a restaurant in Toronto worth mentioning.

      The staff is good, and the food is definitely worth mentioning. I talked to the host, and Pat Riley about the restaurant. The problem they say, and I agree, is that, as good as they try to make their restaurant; it's not a destination restaurant yet, and with the Beaches location, few want to make the trek there and find parking. As it's not EXACTLY on Queen St., it's not highly visible, but because the area has history and heritage, the city won't allow them to erect signs on Queen St advertising the restaurant. They say, right now it's just word of mouth. Be sure to make reservations, as the restaurant can be busy.

      1. re: stonedtoronto

        I'm pretty foreign to the Beaches as well and if I wasn't on a casual stroll and didn't have time or wasn't curious, I would have never stuck my head into the small street and saw that house with a menu posted on the front which is Amuse.

        1. re: Learn2CooknEat

          Pass the word...I think it's worth the trek. I wrote a full review here:

      2. re: Herb

        This is an actual great beach restaurant. A bit far from Queen St though...

        Brophy Bros
        Breakwatr, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

      3. Food wasn't bad (not overly exciting though); service we received was terrible. I won't go back because of it.

        1. Is Pat still working there?? I heard rumblings that there may have been a change of toques. Any confirmation??

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          1. re: phisherking

            I believe there have been some changes. This is the e-mail I received from Amuse yesterday:

            Dear Guests,

            It is nice to be back after the holidays!

            We are very excited about our new chef - Alex Tso - and his new menu,
            which according to Amuse tradition, features local and seasonal ingredients.
            Please find a copy of our menu in the attachment.

            We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and will see us soon.

            Kind regards,
            Stephen, Judit & Alex

            1. re: ms. clicquot

              I live in the Beaches and Amuse is one of our favourites in the Beaches. Pat has left Amuse....but Alex has done a good job in filling his shoes. We were a bit concerned after Pat left...but so far the food is still really good there.