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Where to find Kale?

Am I the only one who has a lot of problems finding Kale in the supermarket? I've checked all my local supermarkets and none of them stock it. Is this just an anomaly in my area? Anyone have recs for a place that consistently carries it? Thanks!

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  1. I almost always find it at Lobo on Parc but I have not checked latley. I just sort of take for granted that it's easy to find...

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    1. If you can make it to Laval it is quite common. I see it all the time at the Marche 440, Fruiterie 440, Adonis, and Grande Marche.

      1. Try somewhere with a wide selection of veggies - Mourelatos (St-Laurent) & Esposito (NDG) & Rocky Montana (NDG) usually have it.

        1. Adonis in St-Laurent too. They have parking.

            1. Many stands at Jean-Talon Market. PA on Parc usually has it - I bought a bunch at 99 cents yesterday (their specials run Monday to Sunday). Sakaris on St-Laurent just south of Mont-Royal usually has it too. Where in Mtl or the suburbs do you live? PA also has a branch in the west end of downtown, and in Laval. Adonis also has the St-Laurent branch, one in the West Island and another in Laval.

              Jean-Talon Market
              7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

              1. Kale also freezes well and doing so actually improves its flavor, so if you're living in a Kale free zone and have to make a trek to buy it, don't be afraid to stock up and freeze it.

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                  do you partially cook it like spinach for freezing and then just reheat?

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                    You can go either way with Kale, the choice depends on which method is easiest for you. Most do a quick blanch and ice bath before bagging and freezing. You can skip the blanch step if you have a freezer large enough to allow you spread the chopped Kale on a cookie sheet without them touching, and then once frozen, bag them. This latter step is probably more trouble than it's worth.

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                    Thanks for the tip. I'll go and stock up and fill my freezer.

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                      seems like NDG health food stores--E-College-y corner Wilson and Somerled; A Votre Santé corner Sherbrooke and Vendome; Co-op La Maison Verte Thursday farmer's market--when they have fresh veggies, there's usually kale, better than any I've seen in supermarkets.

                  3. Not a supermarket per se, but the Thursday Marché Fermier in Mile End has an entire booth dedicated to kale (Jardins Kale et Cie.) They'll be there till mid-October.


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                      interesting website, i adore these organic farms and have been a couple of times to get fresh produce at the biomarket on sundays on dollard in Outremont.

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                        Yes, the little markets in Mile End, the Plateau (on Marie-Anne) and Outremont are a lovely addition to our food offer. There is also very nice kale at the organic stand at the southeastern corner of JTM.