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Sep 13, 2010 09:21 AM

Best cider donuts in Dutchess, Ulster or Orange County?


I am looking to hit some good u-pick farms in a couple of weeks - My family is always on the search for the best cider donuts - in my opinion, you cannot beat the ones from Dubois Farms in Highland. Anyone have any suggestions on where else to go? I went to Weed Orchards last year and they were just ok. I think I did try the ones at Barton Orchards but was not that impressed. I would like to know about any fun farms with activities.


Barton Orchards
63 Apple Tree Ln, NY 12570

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  1. this is north of the area you're asking, but my husband stopped by lakeside cider mill ( on the way home from lake george last week and picked up some amazing cider donuts. they're having an antique show on the 26th, so that might give you an excuse to drive up there.

    1. We love Weeds Orchards. Make sure they give you those that come right out of the fryer. During applefest they have games for the kids, a dj, etc. Very family friendly we go every year.

      1. Tantillos Farm Market makes my favorite cider donuts! Get them at the right time ( freshly made)...o my goodness! They are great normal temp too! There isn't a lot of extra stuff to do except the normal apple picking and such.

        My second favorite apple cider donuts are from Roe's Orchard in Chester, NY. For years I thought it was Rose's Orchard! They are a little out of the way and they don't have additional things to do. All their baked goods are amazing! Have to get there early to snag the good stuff! They don't have a website either.

        1. Jones Farm in Cornwall makes excellent cider donuts. You can evenw watch through the window as they make them. I tried the ones at Dubois last year and wasn't as impressed.

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            Great! I am making a list of these places - if I head to Cornwall, then it is also a great reason to go to Woody's All Natural for a hamburger - has been on my list to try and would be a great combo trip. Thanks for all the suggestions! To my delight, Adam's in Pok has already started making their donuts in front of the store.

            Woody's All Natural
            30 Quaker Ave, Cornwall, NY 12518

          2. I have tried Weeds and Barton and not been impressed at all. Wilklow Orchards in Highland has amazing cider donuts and usually will make them fresh for you if you come on a weekday. If you come on a weekend get there early because if you don't you will have to wait in a long line. They also have very good fresh produce like heirloom tomatoes, ripe pears and plums. The orchard is gorgeous and apple picking is abundant. The "agri-tainment" factor is minimal compared to other farms, which I like.


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              Thanks for the suggestion. I like weeds, but then again I have only been to a few other places before which were always overcrowded and gimmicky. What do you like about Wilkow over Weeds? We are going soon and I'm open to try something new. Thanks!

              1. re: michele cindy

                Went to Weed's on Sunday. Disappointing. Very crowded, long lines, not many apples, wasn't like this in the past, it just keeps getting this way. Had been going here for years... I'll try Wilkow...

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                  adams has their harvest fest this weekend (forget exact days) in poughkeepsie and kingston, they'll have cider, kid friendly stuff, etc. and have been selling cider donuts @front door on weekends.

                  barton tends to be packed on weekends.

                  we love the heirloom tomatoes from wilklow @pok farmer's market...

                  1. re: bob gaj

                    I've always been partial to dressel farms on rte. 208 just south of New paltz. Great cider and donuts.