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I plan on going to Kam fung (Chinatown) for dim sum, but I never had dim sum before and I'll be going with other newbies. What are their best dim sum? Your suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. I always think the best method is to pick things that look good as they're going by. Avoid the non-dim-sum dishes like the chow mein sort of big noodle dishes. My favourites are the various steamed dumplings, the steamed bbq pork buns, egg custard tarts, and the tofu pudding with jasmine syrup.

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      Yes, avoid the plate style dishes as they are not traditional dim sum and more expensive. Since this is your first time know what to expect. Little ladies pushing carts around wont always be able to explain the dish further then "Porc", "chicken", "shirmp". It's overwhelming at first but just relax and do your best. Also the bill is almost un-legible but know that you are charge per plate/bamboo steamers and according to the sizes of the steamers.

      Common and safe bets are:
      -Siu Mai or Shu Mai (pork dumplings)
      -Har Gau (shrimp dumplings)
      -Egg tarts (YUMMMM!!!)
      -BBQ pork buns
      -Sticky rice filled with porc or other stuff wrapped in a leaf.

      The fried stuff is mostly for westerners and can be slightly more expensive, so be careful how much you order of that.

      I found this article "The Dim Sum Guide" to be cute and well explained. I lived in Hong Kong for awhile, and i can say it's pretty accurate:

    2. Everytime one of my western friends goes to dim sum with me, I always have him try the chicken feet. Great taste, acquired texture, hard to get over the fact that you're gnawing on feet but I love it.

      1. I just realized that I was refering to Maison Kam Fung in St-Laurent and not Kam Fung in Chinatown. That's the good place for dim sum, right??

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          Oh they are both good, but if you're in Ville Saint-Laurent, try Tong Por on Marcel-Laurin. It's better but both choices are good anyways.

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            I was confused... I was thinking of Kam Fung in Chinatown. I live closer to chinatown, so it's luckily more convenient.

        2. I've enjoyed 3 trips to Maison Kam Fung in Chinatown for dim sum this year. Along with the aforementioned dumplings, I've really liked the squid, bbq pork in pastry, and a dish that interestingly involved shrimp inside banana. Have fun!

          1. If you go to their website you can see photos of the dim sum on offer; might be helpful... http://lepavillonlilas.com/kamfung/di...

            1. I agree with the Har Gau/Shu Mai, plus they're usually on the same cart.
              Chicken feet - good.
              I like the beef rib (gnawing on the bone)
              pork spare rib in black beans
              Another favorite (although most people I'm with don't agree with me on this) is the stewed beef tendon, very rich.

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                The stewed beef tripe is also very good if you can get it.

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                  I like the stewed beef tripe, but the tendon is my favorite - gelatinous, super rich, hints of star anise, mmmmm.
                  They serve an innard stew, but for me, a bit too offal. Same for the BBQed pork intestine - looks great, but very gamey (can't help but compare it to butcher-floor flavor).
                  Another goodie is a flattened, chive-dumpling type dim sum. Its probably first steamed then pan fried, slightly disc-shaped and green from the chive and cilantro.

              2. The cuttle fish in black bean sauce used to be excellent and a personal fave but be warned as last time they just brought me a plate of rubbery squid that was not very fresh or good. Not the great cuttlefish I was used to from years back. The pork, shrimp and Chinese mushroom dumplings are my favorite. The Cantonese style bbq pork buns are fantastic too! Siu Mai steamed pork/shrimp is a staple of dim sum as so many others have pointed out, and the Shahe fen Cantonese shrimp-filled rice noodle rolls and Xiaolongbao steamed pork buns are great too. I'm also a fan of the pan-fried pork and shrimp dumplings. There's this really excellent "sweet" dish that's fried and served with peanut sauce and sesame seeds that's out of this world... I think it's supposed to be a desert item but I completely forget what it is. I'm normally not a big fan of peanut sauce but this was so fantastic and if you see it wheeled by, go for it!