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Chowhound Dinner at Uchiko

Going tonight to speak to the reservationist about organizing a group dinner in the private room at Uchiko.

They can accomodate up to 36 people and it would be a fixed menu.

I'll post more details when I have them, but was just wondering what kind of interest there is in this outing.

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    1. I'd be interested for two people.

          1. I'll set up an evite after I get details tonight. If you're not on the yahoo group, you'll need to join that first since we can't use this forum to set up group outings.

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              Link, to the Yahoo group, please
              No link, in search...

              1. Got my wires crossed and missed the reservationist last night, so I'll post info after I'm able to visit with her!

                  1. Still working out details.

                    Looks like either a Sunday or a Monday with a cap of 25 folks. $50/person paid in advance (basically you would buy a "ticket" in advance) and then the food/drinks will be set ahead of time.

                    1. Evite is out for Monday, Oct. 18th

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                        Please respond to the evite if you haven't already so we can firm up numbers!