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Sep 13, 2010 08:05 AM

A1 Buffet near Oxford Valley fka "Mings" preview

This space was renovated for much of the summer and opened last week. I dropped by on Saturday during lunch to give it a once over, and will eat there this week. Here's the scoop: Clean, bright, open space with friendly staff. I told them I wanted to check it out and they graciously took me around to each of the buffet tables and asked if I had any questions. Standard fare, with chinese dishes, sushi, soup fruit and desserts and non-asian cuisine, so something for all tastes. Looked very fresh and appetizing.

Prices are good: AYCE lunch Mon-SAT $6.59 and take out lunch $3.99/lb. Kids under two eat free, older kids eat at reduced rate. VERY fair prices.

I'll report back after I dine there.

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  1. Hi, just had the lunch buffet today and consensus was underwhelming, with a few strong points. There were thick, large, tasty, grilled, sliced (not chopped) portions of chicken teriyaki - something I have not seen at other buffets. Also, thick, large grilled whole pork chops. If you are a meat eater, ie plate after plate of these hefty meat portions with some fried rice or lomein you would be very happy. Also the sushi was good- nice tuna rolls, avocado rolls, and pieces of salmon sushi. They kept replenishing quickly. These two are strong points and if they are your favorites, you will be happy. The rest is edible and ok, nothing remarkable. Pluses were fresh watermelon slices and self-scoop 8 flavors of ice cream. minuses were the charge for tea .99 a pot and when I asked for one senior discount (10%) for our table the waitress came back and said the manager told her to tell us the age was 65. Big whoop for saving .65 cents. Clean, efficient, constantly replenishing, and price is ok for lunch $6.59. I would do take out at $3.99/lb for the chicken teriyaki to eat at home with my own rice and vegs and my own free tea. There are other buffets closer to me that are a bit better, but nothing quite wrong with this one. Cheers!