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Sep 13, 2010 07:55 AM

Blackheath (London) Sunday Market

Went there for the first time yesterday in search of a chutney seller who unfortunately wasn't there. Pleased to see that there was a huge array of different bread sellers. I counted 4 which seems a lot for 1 small market. I bought some delicious pretzel rolls from one seller (don't know which one) and am kicking myself that I didn't buy more. They are the texture of soft pretzels, which he also had, except in the shape of small submarine rolls with salt on top. Lots of veg and fruit sellers, cheese, chicken, eggs, yoghurt and cakes. The market is in the car park of Blackheath Station from 10 am - 2 pm every Sunday. Had a walk round Blackheath afterwards and it seemed a bit like a mini Hampstead. Has anyone else been?

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  1. My favourite there is the fish guy. He drives in from the coast every other Sunday with all sorts of goodies and you can get on his mailing list ( so you know what he'll have before it comes. He gets all sorts of great interesting stuff and sells at reasonable prices. I just doubt the viability of the business slightly. Seems a lot of work for (from what I've seen) not an overwhelming number of sales.

    Other good spots in Blackheath are Boulangerie Jade for excellent pastry goodness, and Home Made Food - for a variety of nice deli things. Also might wanna check Chapters (which has a Bib Gourmand) and Buenos Aires - a nice looking Argentinean place, though both are still alien to me.

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      I didn't see the fish guy on Sunday but thanks for the information. I did see Boulangerie Jade and Home Made as well as Buenos Aires in my walk around the village. I really have a craving for the pretzel rolls now so might go back next week. I also plan to check out the Sunday market at Brixton.

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        The fish guy is great. Unfortunately he's already stopped doing my local farmer's market in Brixton. He does very well in South Kensington, apparently, where he's mobbed by French people.

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          There is a new fish stall in Brixton Sunday market now. They come up from the Isle of Wight. I bought some crab. They said they will definitely be there for the next 8 weeks.

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            I bought fish pie mix - it's in the oven now!

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                A mixture of white fish which I think was pollock and haddock, and salmon.

      2. There was also a woman selling homemade savoury pies that looked tasty. £5.50 each and she was offering 2 for £10 at the end of the market. I didn't buy any as I didn't have any cold storage in my car and they would have cooked in the heat, but she had steak and stilton amongst other fillings.

        1. I live just over the fence from the station car park so Blackheath Farmers Market represents my weekly shop. Even more tragic is the difficultly I perpetually seem to encounter in hauling myself out of bed in time for the 10am start in order to catch all the good stuff. A pretty damning indictment considering the time that most of the stall-holders have got up to be there.

          Within the market (and Christchurch Fish and the bread places having been mentioned already) there are several decent veg. growers but, in particular, the stall at the top end by the Station buildings is good for roots and greens. I also prefer the chicken stall at that end to the over-priced (and, IMHO, over-rated) Harvest Moon. The mushroom guy is worth checking. Gould’s (right-hand side half way down) do good butter and, at the bottom end, on the left a stall selling kippers and crab very often has brown shrimp which are just crying out to be potted with said butter!

          Last, but not least, in the same neck of the woods is Redlay’s Dairy Farm notable for selling untreated milk. Always nice to consume something that is anathaema to the Food Standards Agency.

          Venturing into Blackheath Village (please call it “the village” - affectation is an important weapon for us in underlining our separation from the rest of SE London and hence maintaining property prices. We’re not a real village, though – we’ve still got our Post Office), there are several decent-for-a-neighbourhood places to eat.

          As previously mentioned, Hand Made Foods and Boulangerie Jade, are not just decent-for-a-neighbourhood, but decent for anywhere. The Village Deli (just outside the market) is, I think, a poor excuse for a deli but a very decent excuse for a fry-up. Chapters has been mentioned and the same management also back Bella Vista just round the corner. Both do decent, not over-fussy cooking, at good prices with good service. A couple of visits to Buenos Aires have produced a reasonable (but not outstanding ) steak, coupled with cheery service and a good vibe. It’s still continuing to pack them in on a site where many predecessors have failed.

          Oh, and my personal pick of the local curry houses is Taste of Raj. Does the job and also (I think) inspired the Omid Djalili joke: “I went to an Indian restaurant called ‘A Taste of the Raj’. They beat me with a stick and forced me to build an over-complicated railway.”

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            Thanks for that very comprehensive run down on Blackheath Village! I did buy some eggs from the chicken stall you mentioned. Also saw Redlay's products and was intrigued. I regularly used to get untreated milk from a farm in Somerset I lived close to. Can you recommend any good pubs serving tasty Sunday roasts?

          2. Went back for the second time last week. The chutney and jam seller was there and I bought a lot. You can sample everything before you buy. She had delicious quince and damson jam, pumpkin chutney and chilli jelly. She was also selling a small selection of homey baked good including homity pie which I just love. Cranks used to sell a similar one when they still had their restaurants. Bought one and had it the next day. Nice and cheesy and garlicky. She also had things like date slices and homemade flapjacks. I also stocked up on pretzel rolls.

            1. The mushroom guy sadly passed away a few weeks back I believe, or so someone claimed on my blog. There's an amazing organic salad stall, with a kind of pick-n-mix style. It seems expensive until you take your bag of salad home, and realise that unlike a supermarket bag, it doesn't go off for a week! I asked the seller - he said "we do sell to supermarkets too, but by the time it ends up on the shelf, it's been 7 days, whereas the stuff here was cut yesterday". The prices are slightly higher than a supermarket, but for basics, it's fairly reasonable.

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                I didn't know the mushroom guy, but sorry to hear that. I have bought salad leaves from the stall you mentioned. I didn't find that they lasted a week, but they were very tasty.