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Sep 13, 2010 07:47 AM

Greve on a Sunday

In a few weeks we will be arriving to Greve on a late Sunday afternoon and are needing to find and buy a few necessities to bring to our apartment. Is there anything open on a Sunday afternoon around 2-3 Pm where we can pick up some wine, cheese, salumi,etc?we have car and will travel if necessary

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  1. Can't give you any definitive information, but we've stayed in Greve many times in the past. You will find that much of Italy is "chiuso" (closed) in the afternoon, esp. Sunday afternoon. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a restaurant that night (recall that Ristoro di Lamole is on Sundays. Great view, crazy drive for first-timers).
    I'd email your apartment for specific advice. There are three or four small but quite good food shops on Piazza Matteotti in Greve that will definitely have most of what you need. Macelleria Falorni has great meat products and they have an Enoteca about 100 yards away where you can taste up to 120 wines by the ounce and buy the bottle if you like. There are at least three other wine shops on the Piazza (or around the corner).

    There are also two very good bakeries on the Piazza (one just past the church), the other near Mangiando, Mangiando.
    Trouble is I can't recall what is open Sunday evening. Between the Greve market on Saturdays and the one in Panzano on Sundays, we almost never needed groceries on Sunday, esp. since we often went to Lamole that evening.
    There is also a Coop (the closest thing you'll find to a full-service grocery store) on SS222-- but again, I;m pretty sure it is closed Sunday p.m.
    I also recommend you visit Macelleria Cecchini in Panzano sometime during your stay, and if you like meat consider one of his small specialized restaurants.

    Now, if you pay my airfare, I'll go ahead of you and stock the refrigerator! Por favore!

    1. Just found a useful link

      which more or less confirms what I feared: much is closed Sunday afternoon.

      1. a nice host will stock up on some "necessities" for you so it may not be a problem. Why not communicate with the agent and see if this is possible. Or if you are heading there from somewhere else, you might be able to stock up along the way (tho Sunday afternoon shopping is limited most places in Italy, except for supermarkets in the biggest towns.

        Places will be open early Monday morning so if you eat out Sunday night it shoulnt be too bad.

        1. Here is a link to the coop: It says open morning and afternoon and doesn't specify days, so that should mean it is open on Sunday. It is not a brilliant super but will do for a day until more places are open.

          If you need to eat out on arrival, I think that Enoteca Fuori Piazza, Via I Maggio 2, will be open.