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Sep 13, 2010 05:42 AM

Prague Itinerary - Suggestions?

Hey everyone -

Eager chowhounds here & eating our way across Europe (and the comma key on our machine broke). We've arrived in Zurich by way of Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and Paris. Next step: Prague!

We're on a modest yet forgiving budget (which means a fancy meal is AOK but not every night) and we'll be in Prague for two and a half days (arriving at noon mid-week and leaving on Saturday). We have two breakfasts and lunches and three dinners.

Based upon what we know of the city there are some great places to eat... what's missing I wonder?

Breakfast: Savoy the cubist cafe and the House of the Black Madonna

Lunch: Lokal and Lekha Nava

Dinner: ...? Here's where we're looking for suggestions... any ideas about two interesting dinner places one economical-ish and one (if it's really worth it) to be fancier? (our ceiling was about 140 EUR for lunch at Comerc in Barceona)


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    1. Thanks for the tip!

      In the end, we hit the delightful Lehk√° Hlava for dinner (the only great restaurant meal we had while in Prague) and several of the street stands for our other meals.

      The cafe/pastry shop Bakeshop Praha was an excellent place for breakfast (much more reasonable and tasty than the Cubist cafe, which offered a cool environment, and ok food).

      Notably, for bread, cheese and wine/beer picnic, I suggest the (summer only?) farmer's market stands on Na Kampe just north of the Kampa Museum. While some of the stands were truly tourist traps, others (the cheese and yogurt stand, the bread stand, etc) catered to locals and offered excellent eats.