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Sep 13, 2010 05:31 AM

Special birthday lunch (a Monday) Central/West London recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a special birthday lunch in either Central or West London. Type of previous thumbs-up experiences have been Fat Duck, St John, Polpo, Petersham Nurseries? I've been asked to find something new and exciting - no pressure then?!

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    1. Barrafina - lovely Spanish tapas which is great for sharing. Don't know if it's "new and exciting" though, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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        i think barrafina is wonderful too - you do sit at the bar to eat so only go here if it is 2 or 3 of you.

        galvin at windows would give you cocktails, a lovely view (am sure you would get a window table at lunch but arrive a bit early, order your drinks and ask to be seated when one comes free) and great food.

        two very different experiences there - casual and intimate for barrafina, something more formal for galvins.

      2. Dean St Townhouse or Hix? Either the Soho branch or for something a little more special Hix at the Abermarle?

          1. My definate suggestion would be SKETCH on conduit street, it is to die for and the atmosphere is amazing, grreat for lunch!