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Sep 13, 2010 05:01 AM

[London - Shepherd's Bush] Suggestions for neighbourhood eats/drinks

Hi all,

We've just moved house to Shepherd's Bush, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good neighbourhood eats (as in within walking distance of the green, ideally).

On these boards, I've so far come across Abu Zaad and Princess Victoria on the uxbridge road, but I'd be keen to hear from others - not looking for london beating food, just good/reliable places. Favourite takeaway joints also welcome, as are pubs/bars!

Thanks in advance for helping us find our feet.

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  1. Friends rave about The Patio Polish restaurant on the Goldhawk Rd? Personally I'd trot down to The Anglesea Arms in Wingate Road in Brackenbury Village.
    Otherwise jump on a 94 bus and come to Chiswick - loads to choose from. or alternatively head to The Havelock Arms in Brook Green or Indian Zing near the Polish Centre in Hammersmith
    Re takeaways - does Tiffin Box deliver to Shephers Bush? Great Indian food.
    Bush Bar & Grill always had a decent reputation but I don't know what happened to it?

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      Albertines wine bar on Wood Lane - charcuterie and a french wine list. Pubs I guess we usually head to the Defectors right on the corner of the Green (we meaning the large employer up the road at Television Centre) - actually you might even find us in the pub in Westfield!!
      Don't personally really rate Princess Victoria. Abu Zaad fantastic.

    2. Oh and "The Best Palestinian Felafel" in the market is indeed what it says on the tin!

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        Thanks both -really helpful. Walked past patio the other day, and looks very interesting, and fairly reasonable (handwritten menu often a good sign!). Definitely going to try the anglesea arms and albertines, and Indian Zing has been on my list since i saw the positive comments on these boards.

      2. Good choices, welcome to Da Bush - Patio can be patchy. I'd add Adam's Cafe on Askew Road for tunisian which is great, 101 Thai Kitchen on King Street for Thai and they do takeaway, Shilpa on King Street for Keralan food (takeaway and delivery too) also very good most of the time. Som Tam on Askew Road is pretty good (it used to be Nigella Lawson's local when she lived in Hammersmith). Anarkali also in King STreet can also be very good In Chiswick i rate le Vacherin and Michael Nada (formerly FIshhook) but they are more for celebrations.....Chez Kristof died recently....

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          Patio not good on my one visit. If you're down H'smith way then you want to go to Sagar for South Indian - not sure about Shilpa as haven't personally tried but husband goes to Sagar at least once a week for lunch and takes all sorts of business associates there who never fail to be impressed - mainly well travelled foodie musicians (the two go hand in hand!). He also goes to 101 Thai at least once a week for lunch too. Man - he eats better than me, what's up with that?!

        2. Zeit & Zaatar, (354 Uxbridge Road) make pretty good Manakishs (lebanese pizzas). They roll and top them fresh on the spot, rather than pre-preparing them like at Green Valley. Worth a look-in for a quick take-away bite.

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            wow, sounds delicious. anything else good at zeit and zaatar?