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Sep 13, 2010 04:01 AM

Wuli Wuli - excellent Chinese in Camberwell [London]

Having some time to myself on a Sumday afternoon is always a nice opportunity to find something new to eat. Camberwell continues to present new and interesting places at a fairly clipping rate. Open for three days now is a new Chinese restaurant Wuli Wuli.

I was fairly blah on their menu at first, wow chow mein or sweet and sour pork, how novel! The waiter then told me they have the western menu and a Chinese menu in the back. Fired cucumber with pepper and chilli? Now we're taking.

I have a growing but utterly patchy knowledge of Chinese regional cooking, It extends to knowing that if it involves lamb or wheat, it's probably Xinjiang and if it features a lot of words like hot and numbing, it's probably Szechuan, so I will defer to more Sinophilic Hounds for a better break down, but the menu seemed the real deal to me.

My volcanic palate was craving some heat. I settled on some hot and sour Szechuan soup of pork. It was one of those lovely gelatinous soups they do with a really pronounced heat and a a wonderful sour note pulled from bitter lemon rather than citrus. It was a huge revelation, but it was deeply satisfying. I followed this with the silk noodles with ground pork and chili. Finally I found out what those delightful glass-clear chewy noodles are actually called! I love those little b&stards and have never known their proper name, so every time I've had them it's been a nice surprise.

At any rate the noodles were terrific with nice smoky notes from the dried chilli and a nice pork mouth-feel. Very happy to pay the 10 pound bill that included tea.

Along with the Xinjiang restaurant Silk Road, Wuli Wuli makes a nice addition to the area to get a good cheap and thoroughly interesting Chinese meal.

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  1. hi
    Whereabouts in Camberwell is it?

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    1. re: Peckhampam

      I passed this the other day and thought it looked promising. Looks like one to try!

      I agree, Camberwell has quite a few decent places to eat now! I tried FM Mangal the other day and was thoroughly impressed with my lamb shish kebab.

    2. Says it has an introductory 15% off offer. It's in Camberwell Church Street.

      1. Interesting. Have you pinned where the chef's from yet? You ordered a mix of Sichuan and non-Sichuan dishes. How does the beanthread noodle with pork and chili stand up to Chilli Cool's version? That's pretty much the only really well done dish I've had at CC.

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        1. re: JFores

          no idea where the chef's from and not been to Chilli Cool. The noodles are outstanding though

          1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

            They do lunch specials for £4.50 up until 5 pm, possibly only Monday-Friday, but not sure. I had a plate of twice fried pork and rice. Pork came with dried and fresh chiles. My first time eating there and I thought it was really good value.

            1. re: cathodetube

              They do the lunch specials each day. Fabulous value isn't it? Just terrific. Love that pork too, great choice.

              1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

                Only noticed it because they had an A frame outside. The girl working inside said they had just started using it to advertise that week. I don't think I would have gone in otherwise as it was 4 pm and I assumed they would be closed.

                1. re: cathodetube

                  they also now do delivery - given my weakness for that pork dish i would probably be safer not knowing that!

                  1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

                    Yes, I know because they did drop a leaflet through my door. But they only do certain areas!