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Sep 12, 2010 09:52 PM

Costco White Fish: Delish or Oy Gevalt?

With the High Holidays here I'm putting together the traditional dairy break fast for Saturday night. Do I go with the Costco whole white fish (taste unknown)? BTW: I typically find better smoked salmon elsewhere (Pike Place Mkt, etc).

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  1. if it comes from a fish company called lasco stay away it tends to be dry and salty better off if you can find it from east coast or if pikes smoke there own then try theres.the smoke laws in calif. are awful makes there fish dry east coast is not smoked to death and it comes out alot moister

    1. The square, flattish white tub? We had that for Pesach and it was *delicious.* Moist, fishy in a good way, smoothish and readily spreadable. Don't look too closely at the nutrition label though - yikes. I would buy it again if there were more than 2 of us at home.

      1. I'd be interested to hear other comments. I am a big fan of their pickled herring, but have not yet taken the whitefish plunge.

        1. Costco carries different stuff depending on the location - ours has whole whitefish in a sealed package from Blue Hill Bay and is excellent for the money ($10/lb).