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Sep 12, 2010 08:50 PM

Pennsylvania Dutch Lebanon Bologna

Craving lebanon bologna. Super thin. With Brick or Muenster cheese. Any tips on how to get my fix in SF?

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  1. I am curious about this as well. My mother and sister ordered some online just this year.

    1. Boars Head makes it, don't know who carries it but you could check with the company.
      Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna, seen on another thread to be highly prized, might be found at these stores.

      1. I've never seen it around here. I think mail-order is the way to go.

        1. Raley's/Nob Hill in Alameda has Weavers Lebanon Bologna. It is in the deli case, $6.99/lb. They will slice as thin as you want. I nearly fell over when I saw it. No shipping and better yet no cross country drive! My family is from Lebanon, PA. Now if they could just get the summer bologna and good pickled tripe.

          1. Where to find the Brick Cheese?!