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Sep 12, 2010 07:33 PM


I've never cooked with truffles before, and don't believe I've ever eaten one, come to think of it. I'd like to buy one at our local Wegmans and try a recipe. What's the best thing to do with one truffle? At $800 a pound, one is about all I can afford! Thanks for any input.

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  1. Recipezaar is now I went there and did a search on "black truffle", main dish filter. There were 35 recipes, and maybe you could get some ideas...

    1. Get a truffle shaver or a microplane grater if you do not have a very fine-slicing mandoline. You then shave/grate a little bit of truffle over the top of risotto, pasta with a cheese or olive-oil based sauce, etc.

      1. Classic black truffle pairing is with eggs. What you can do is to place the truffle into a sealed container with the raw eggs so that the truffle aroma infuses the eggs. Then cook the eggs (e.g. sunny side up) and then shave with a microplane.

        You can also do variations of demi-deuil, by placing truffle slices until the skin of a chicken breast and then roast (or poach in a pig bladder with vin jaune).

        Guy Savoy's signature dish is an artichoke soup with truffles, which is actually quite nice (it's served with a truffled brioche).

        1. First wash the truffle of any dirt. Then chop it finely (about double the size of rice grains). Then make the best, softest, most opulent scrambled eggs you can. Alton Brown has a recipe done in a double boiler with lots of butter which is terrific. Add the truffles to the eggs at the VERY LAST MINUTE, and eat. Heaven. Most of the taste of the truffle is actually the smell, so do NOT overcook them. One truffle is more than enough to flavor the eggs for 3-4 people.

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            in the most recent episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, "Crazy Good," Wolfgang Puck went on and on about how wonderful truffles are, and about a restaurant that serves tagliatelle pasta showered white truffles, and the aroma fills the restaurant. It made me want to try some.