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Sep 12, 2010 07:05 PM

Luigi's Burnsville

Anyone been there? Haven't seen any posts about it. Have friends that like it, it is very small but they enjoy it.

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  1. Huh? Do you mean Guiseppe's?

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    1. re: MSPD

      You are right. My grandson played too much Mario Bros tonight.

      1. re: otps

        yeah... i would not want to go to a restaurant run by a plumber who murdered king wart by stuffing him with vegetables....

        1. re: otps

          If Olive Garden, etc. are your frame of reference for Italian, Giuseppe's will blow your mind.

          If Bar La Grassa, D'Amico, Osteria I Nonni are your frame of reference for Italian, you will think it's just a step or two above the average suburban restaurant, with bonus points for being independent.

          It's a decent meal and a fine value. My biggest issue with them is that they limit themselves -- it's 99% boiled pastas and a variety of sauces. When they first opened, there was nothing on the menu that I couldn't make at home easily and just as good. They gradually got better and more interesting, but it's still mostly just noodles and sauce.

          Here's a south metro blog from a friend/fellow Chowhound Bill Roehl...good discussion/spectrum of views on Giuseppe's:

          I Nonni
          981 sibley memorial hwy, Lilydale, MN 55118

          Bar La Grassa
          800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

          1. re: MSPD

            Why do you think Olive Garden would be my frame of reference?
            I have eaten at I Nonni many times, Buon Giorno is a regular stop also. I live in Prior Lake and Sur Lago is a frequent stop..
            We also like to go to New York and Babbo is one of our places to eat when we have advanced warning to get a res.
            Not trying to be snotty but the Olive Garden Ref put me off.

            I Nonni
            981 sibley memorial hwy, Lilydale, MN 55118

            1. re: otps

              He did not say he thinks Olive Garden is your frame of reference. He is giving a proper context for the restaurant in question.

              1. re: otps

                Thanks for bailing me out kevin47. My apology, otps, for poor choice of words...replace "you" with "a person" or something.

                Reviews of Giuseppe's need a heavy dose of context. I live a mile from there. If I talk to my neighbors across the street who are probably more similar diners to myself, they would yawn at Giuseppe's. If I talk to my next-door neighbors to the right and most of the rest of the neighborhood, they think Giuseppe's is pretty much on par with flying to Italy and spending a month noshing around the country.

                1. re: MSPD

                  Sorry for the angry response. Our friends are the bring a coupon type people, but we talked them into joining us at Panne Vino Dolce and they loved it, Campiello, and Cave Vin also, so I thought they got a taste for good food.
                  Thanks for putting up with my rant, We really like Jensens on Bville Parkway.

                  Cave Vin
                  5555 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

                  6411 City West Pkwy, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

        2. Isn't it the same guys who own Stephano's ?

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          1. re: astadtler

            Same family. Correlation doesn't really show.

            1. re: MSPD

              I agree, there is no way one would connect the two.
              We tried it Friday at about 6:15, walked in and thought we were at a little private party, about 16 tables in a very small room. A mother and daughter were in front of us in the entry and we stood there waiting for someone to come over, it never happened. We decided to go to the bar/counter as there was a lady sitting there having a glass of wine, we figured we will do the same. Being invisible is kind of strange, I finally asked the server that seemed to be directing others if we would be able to get a table for 2, she said it would be about a 15 minute wait and took my name then walked away. We never got a glass of wine while we waited, as everyone was in kind of a panic mode and I didn't want to bother any of them. Menu is limited, my wife had the chicken Alfredo, I had the Ziti, salads were boring the entree's were huge. When I order an entree that I can whip up at home in a couple minutes because it looks safe, I will not return.
              Sorry for the length, but there is so much more I left out about our wait.

              1. re: otps

                Clearly then the family has the same problems at both restaurants...

                1. re: Bill Roehl

                  Stephano's service is quicker, but entree served before our salads were 1/2 finished last time we were there is not good. Server coming to our table when we are nearly finished to check if we needed anything, I wanted another glass of wine but it was too late by then.