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Sep 12, 2010 06:55 PM

Ground cherries

Tried this for the first time yesterday at a farmer's market....amazing and addictive. Does anyone know where (store-wise) I can get them?

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  1. Although our local Fortinos sometimes has berries marked "physalis", I think they are a cape gooseberry as opposed to ground cherry. I haven't seen the particular ground cherry physalis type available locally. However, the "aunt molly's ground cherry" seeds available from Vesey's and other mail orders grow just fine in Toronto - I always start a few at the same time I start my tomato seedlings, and we've been eating them steadily since August this year, a very good harvest.

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    1. I have bought physalis/cape gooseberries/asian gooseberries from both Loblaws and no frills this past summer. Haven't seen local native ground cherries but the above are related and similar.

      You can also get them dried from Ten Thousand Villages at times.


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        I'm losing my marbles. I looked at the title and wondered why anyone would want diced / ground cherries.

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          I found the cape gooseberries at Loblaws and tried them. They are about 3 times bigger than the "ground cherries" I've had, and while they were quite nice, they are not as good (in my opinion) as the ground cherries. I appreciate the tips as I would not have thought to look for cape gooseberries otherwise.

      2. You can get dried Ground Cherries/Physalis at Ten Thousand Villages on Queen W.