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Sep 12, 2010 06:49 PM

Staying in Bayswater/Notting Hill for a week - looking for food inspiration!

Any suggestions on casual spots for lunch, dinner and take away in the area? Would prefer to eat as the locals do while I'm in town for the week. Thanks!

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    1. Durbar -- Indian

      202 -- Brunch

      The Cow -- gastropub w/ a yummy seafood stew

      El Pirata -- decent tapas (fine, but there are better Spanish options in Soho and S.Kensington)

      Hereford Rd -- local ingredients bistro...very local and prob one to be sure to try...

      Mandarin Kitchen -- Cantonese lobster, fried eel, and other seafood...avoid most of the non-seafood dishes...

      Royal China -- has gotten a recent mixed review but is popular w/ locals for dimsum...

      There's also an old somewhat famous Greek place that's fun in Bayswater near Hyde Park but i forgot the name...and the Lebanese place just a few doors north of The Mitre pub (again forgot the name) is great...


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      1. re: Simon

        Thanks so much for the suggestions. I look forward to trying out many of these spots beginning next week!

        1. re: crksing

          thai food /pub churchill arms on kensington church st off notting hill gate
          geales for for fishand chips farmer street off notting hill gate
          de amiccis small italian on notting hill gate
          taqueria for mexican westbourne grove in notting hill.

          westbourne grove will have many other restaurants worth a walk up and down to satisfy your hunger

          1. re: jetsboog

            also words of advice. avoid eating in many of the pubs. frozen food heated up in microwaves and combie ovens . just moved back to ny after living off notting hill gate for 10 1/2 yrs

            1. re: jetsboog

              jetsboog - the thai in churchill arms is cheap and cheerful; just a bit down ken church street is thai origin, so much better. and de amicci is pretty mediocre italian, sadly. but your advice on westbourne grove is excellent.