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Sep 12, 2010 06:13 PM

Where to get beignets in San Mateo or near by?

Got hungry for beignets all of a sudden. Googled some local restaurants but didn't find anything promising. Where can I find beignets?

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  1. We live in this area. As far as my Tulane alumni SO can tell, absolutely nowhere compares to New Orleans. If by some miracle you find them, please, please report back. Brenda's, Angeline's, Gator's, none are right. Possibly tasty fried dough, but not du Monde beignets. We have not yet tried Brown Sugar Kitchen or Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe ( ).

    The good news is that we have wonderful other forms of fried dough - check the "fried dough" thread:

    On the other hand, if you're feeling a bit ambitious, you can order (or buy in some specialty stores) Cafe du Monde mix and it's actually not *that* hard... easier than TSA screening and a long flight, anyway.

    Brown Sugar Kitchen
    2534 Mandela Pkwy, Oakland, CA 94607

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      ive tried soleil's kitchen beignets. they do the farmers market in hayward on saturday's and were at the eat real festival in oakland a few weeks ago. was fine, but then again im no expert on these things.

      but the OP is asking for San , unfortunately cant help there.

    2. The beignets were the only edible part of the meal though!!


      1. Nola's in Palo Alto also makes them but again not like cafe du monde....

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          Thanks all....... boy, I miss Cafe du Monde. Might have to get the mix and make it myself. Was hoping to buy it at the store so I don't end up eating the whole batch.

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            Somehow, friends will appear if you announce you're making beignets :). Everyone loves them.

        2. CreoLA in San Carlos has them as a dessert item.

          1. Beignets are stylish right now, but nothing I've eaten on the peninsula is the real deal.

            Not that a good fried dough isn't, well, a good fried dough.