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Sep 12, 2010 04:21 PM

Do broccoli crowns go bad faster than whole broccoli?

The supermarkets have stopped selling whole broccoli, and now sell only crowns.

But I *think* I've noticed that the crowns start turning stale faster than whole broccoli, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed this.

Specifically, I've noticed that the buds or ends of a stalk of broccoli crown start turning yellow pretty fast--faster, I think, than a whole stalk.

Has anyone else noticed this?

BTW, a while ago I did some calculations on crowns vs whole broccoli, and it's a great deal for the supermarket. The amount of stalk that they cut off weighs very little, and the amount by which they mark it up goes way beyond simply labor.

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  1. All the supermarkets in your area have done this? Where do you live, and is this a small town? This sounds strange.

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    1. re: amyzan

      'Burbs of Boston. ALL have done this. Also in other areas of the country.

    2. i like the stem parts! at the wholesale market where i buy most of my produce, i have noticed fewer guys offering the whole stalk, but i'm thinking that's driven more by consumer demand since i know i am in the minority.

      how long the stuff lasts in the fridge seems only determined by how fresh it is when i get it. sometimes it will last 2 weeks and sometimes only a few days. the stem still attached doesn't seem to matter.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        When I worked with guys who farmed the fields, they used to joke about people buying the crowns which are the dryest part of the broccoli. They preferred the stems because they're more protected from evaporation. This was years ago, when offering crowns were new and people paid a lot more for them.

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          Some years ago, I came up with a recipe for the stems--broccoli slaw. Easy to do; my wife loved it.

          1. re: Howard_2

            the stems hold much better in soups and stir-fries too.

          1. I only buy crowns when they are on sale, and do not notice a difference. Add to your calculations that they can use the stems for bagged broccoli slaw, which costs a lot, and you can see why they do this.

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            1. re: greygarious

              I buy the crowns which have a tendency to turn yellow but I buy it fresh. I like using the entire broccoli with stems because I make an oriental dish which calls for stems only.