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Dinner for 18 on a Saturday night?

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Would love a suggestion for a quality restaurant (Italian or American preferably) that could take 18 people (5 of whom are kids under 8) for dinner in the Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn area. I'm having trouble finding a spot that is both "special" (great food) but also suitably to bring kids along.

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  1. Honestly, finding a restaurant with high-quality "special" food that is also kid friendly is a pretty tall order. If the kids get fractious (which they likely will after about 20 minutes), no one is going to have a very special evening.

    Downtown Atlantic in Brooklyn has a kid's menu (which includes their signature cupdakes), supplies crayons, is a fancyish environment (white tablecloth) and has decent food. They can accomodate your large party, too.

    Wherever you go, I strongly suggest supplying the kids with activity & coloring books as well as plenty of crayons. Maybe a few little figurines, too.

    Downtown Atlantic
    364 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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      I agree on Downtown Atlantic. If you want to go a bit upscale from there, Convivium Osteria is a terrific restaurant, with 2 spaces downstairs that might work for your party. Don't know how kid friendly they are--but might be willing to make some plain pasta.

      Convivium Osteria
      68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

      Downtown Atlantic
      364 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    2. how about one of those Italian places in howard beach? not sure which one specifically would do though.. It's centrally located and should be good food.

      1. Convivium Osteria in Park Slope on 5th Avenue. They have a GORGEOUS wine cellar basement that seats 23 max, so 18 is perfect.

        Since you'll have your own room, you're halfway there on kid-friendly. And since they have a few pasta dishes on the menu -- and the owners have a 6 or 7 year old of their own -- I imagine a pasta in butter is pretty doable.

        Convivium Osteria
        68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        1. 2 ideas in Wmsburg. Both perhaps slightly less formal than a restaurant per se -- and not Italian -- but good food and fun atmosphere.

          1. Radegast -- beerhall but food menu is quite good. Kid-friendly up to 8p or so.

          2. Fette Sau -- various species of bbq, sold by the pound. (meat is great; sides medium.) Prob need to arrive early (before 6p) on a Sat night to get enough space.

          For Italian I would think that any of the "old-school" places nearby -- best of which being Manducatis, Frost, and Cono Pescatore -- could do a large party on early side. They can all be kid-friendly. And if you order right the food can be quite good.

          Aurora (Italian) in Wmsburg kid-friendly on the early side w/ solid food.

          Fette Sau
          354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

          13-27 Jackson Ave, Queens, NY 11101