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Sep 12, 2010 03:40 PM

What do you think??

My wife and I experienced Moderne Barn in Armonk last night with two friends.
It is obvious that the Chef has some abilities but oh that service..
Our reservation turned out to be "lost" despite the fact that they had called to confirm
said reservation. We were sent upstairs where they were utilizing their private dining rooms.
We ordered a White Anchovy Pizza for the table ($15.00) and it was quite tasty. I ordered their "Classic Caesar" Salad @ $9.00as an appetizer and requested Anchovies with my salad.
I was more then a little surprised to learn that they charged me an extra $2.00 for the requested Anchovies. I was under the impression that Anchovies are a part of a "Classic Caesar" but
perhaps I am mistaken. One member of our party had the Baby Arugla Salad @ $10.00. Another individual order a Mixed Green Salad @ $8.00 and my wife had the Heiloom Tomatoes @ $12.00.
No pepper was offered but when requested, a small pepper shaker was produced and placed on the table and we could pepper our salads ourselves. ?????.
The ordered Crusted Salmon @$23.00, the Day Boat Scallops @ $27.00, were fine.
I ordered a special of Duck Breast ($27.00 )which was cooked nicely and was served with
a few tablespoons of white and black barley (?), several cooked grape tomatoes, and radish
slices. Desserts are $ 8.00 each and were good. Coffee was $ 2.50 while Tea was $ 4.00
The establishment was extremely crowded and the noise level was something akin to
that of a packed football stadium. If I were to rank the food only I would give the restaurant two stars but then again there is the issue of service. The service was quite frankly on the level of the Marx Brothers at the Circus. Lots and lots of help... all walking about dazed and confused. Amateur night! Limited training... Really poor! The bread tray was never refilled. Dishes were cleared while some of us were still dining! The wait between courses was much too L O N G. Servers had to walk up a long flight of stairs bringing the food and much of it was served cold or lukewarm. Our table was cleared after we paid the bill and we were still seated. All in all the service rendered was so bad that none of us would return despite the food.
I am wondering if other Chowhound readers and posters think that a $2.00 extra charge
for Anchovies was appropriate? Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. I think you're going to get a lot more responses if you put "Moderne Barn" or, at least "Armonk" in your subject line.

    For what it's worth, I must prefer to wield my own pepper, but from a mill not a shaker. The $4 tea, was it loose-leaf tea? Or just a bag of Lipton?

    1. If they bill it as a classic ceasar, yes, it should include anchovies, and I never take pepper out of a shaker. If this restaurant wants to be above a diner,they need to serve things properly. I agree with EZ Pass - try a new title on this so we all know what the post is about. I was intrigued wanting to know what this was about, so I opened it but if you say it in the title you might get more of a response. BTW - sounds like I might try it, but maybe at an off hour!

      1. We went to Moderne Barn two weeks ago and were not impressed. Service was OK, although on a previous visit we were told we'd have to wait "30 minutes or so" for a table that had been reservered for over a week, and not at a prime dining hour.

        We had heirloom tomato app and tuna taquito (sp?) apps. Tomato fine, tuna meh. Both had steaks (me ribeye, wife strip) on the theory that those should be staples and lets see how they do staples well. Both ordered medium rare.

        We weren't expecting steakhouse quality but we had two different problems. Quality of my ribeye was fine but it was medium well not medium rare. I apprised server of the problem but declined to send it back to avoid long wait for another meal. It was a kitchen problem not a communication problem with the server. Wife's strip was done correctly but was one big mass of gristle. Yuk.

        In addition, and this seems significant to me, both were PAN FRIED rather than grilled/broiled. WHAT?

        Based on previous courses, skipped dessert and coffee.

        1. The anchovies were most likely mashed into the salad, so you are ordering "extra", and I think they should not have charged the 2.00 but I can see why they may have. Especially if they were white anchovies which are usually more costly then the type you see in the average grocery store.

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          1. re: michele cindy

            They should have informed them though. However, even in my local diner they ask if I want the anchovies on my greek salad.

            Drove by Moderne Barn the other day since MIL lives in Armonk and parking lot is full so maybe they are overwhelmed. I will probably try it in a few months once things calm down.

            1. re: rolise

              That's a good point I totally agree.

          2. Anchovies aren't part of a classic Caeaser (which should really be Cesar). The original salad had worcestershire sauce in the dressing, which contained anchovies.