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Sep 12, 2010 03:34 PM

Mallorca/Majorca Restaurant Help

As a good chowhounder i've tried doing my research, but i'm not finding great info on restaurants in Mallorca. I'm staying in Peguera for a few nights and would love some great, can't miss, dining recs. I'm not hugely familiar with the layout of the island so i'd hope to stay somewhere close enough to take a taxi without breaking the bank. I am willing to splurge for a good meal though, so i'd love to hear anything and everything people have to say.

The place on my radar right now is el raco d'es teix , any thoughts?

Also, places that are a la carte are preferred because my dining companion is allergic to shellfish, which i imagine being a problem on most tasting menus.


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  1. You might want to consider Tristan at Portals Nous, which is the only Michelin starred restaurant on Mallorca now. Read's at Santa Maria lost its star last year but I reckon it stands a good chance of getting it back this year.

    I know the Deia side of the island well, as the brother in law originates from Soller. I've never eaten at Es Raco - not least because the prices seem eye-wateringly expensive, but you do sometimes find that with carte prices.

    Can't really help with anything very nearby to Paguera as we always stay either around Soller or, more recently, in the north around Pollensa.

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      John, Es Racó d'Es Teix still has a star. We ate there a few years ago and had a superb meal. I can't recal the priceing but it wasn't that bad, in fact I think it seemed a bargain compared to Tristan which we did avoid because it seemed exhorbitant. There are four Michelin one stars on the Island, the other two are Plat d'Or in Palma and Es Molí d'En Bou in Sa Coma.

      From Peguera the closest is Tristian but it is very much a rich mans restaurant. unfortuantly Deia is over 30kms away so a tricky journey on winding mountain roads, maybe head for Palma and Plat d'Or or some of the other places in town.

      1. re: PhilD

        So it does. My apologies to the OP - the website I'd been looking at only had partial listings.

        Deia isnt too bad to get to - I'd have thought the route through the Soller tunnel and then turn in at Soller? Reads also shouldnt be too bad to get to in a cab. Palma itself has a number of good, if not stunning, places (or did about 4 years back when we had a long weekend there)

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          Thanks so much for the feedback so far. I'm very much considering Plat D'Or since i'll be spending some time in Palma anyway. Anything else that you all could recommend? Any thoughts on Forn De Sant Joan? A colleague recommended it to me and was curious.

          Thanks again!

          1. re: MinhLikesFood

            The Forn is pretty good. It manages to combine being one of the city's most popular tourist restaurant with damn good food. I like it there.

            Asador Tierra Aranda on Concepcion is also well worth a punt.

            And, albeit probably the city's most popular tourist restaurant, it would be remiss not to mention Cellar Sa Premsa for some of the best representations of traditional Mallorcan dishes that you're likely to find.