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Sep 12, 2010 02:11 PM

Milan - 1 lunch 1 dinner recommendation needed

My wife and I will be in Milan for one day and night on September 30th. Can anyone recommend places for lunch and dinner? Our budget is open, but we are not looking for "special occassion/tasting menu" restaurants, just great places that are not touristy and represent the best in Milanese cooking.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Just left Milan. Everything was disappointing -- from high end to pizzarias. Maybe it's because of the fashion industry and everyone is so thin. The only place we really enjoyed was Trattoria Milanese. Simple, fresh food done well. The hallmark of Italian cuisine.

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        Jolie is a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant with a Michelin star near the Central Station. The food is not only vegetarian, most of it is gluten and/or dairy free. The chef is extremely creative. Too much playing with my food and not always in a good way -- and I adore Alinea, which is the ultimate in playing with food. We had one of the tasting menus That being said, there were too many misses for the price (nearly $300 for the two of us with wine)-- over-processed foods that just weren't that interesting. Lots of foam. Definitely an experience, but having eaten at other Michelin-starred restaurants, it just didn't hit the mark for us.

        Biffi in the covered galleria overlooking the Duomo. We stopped there for lunch because the New York Times recommended it. Food just plain bad. Service utterly inept. Prices, of course, high. The only good part was the people-watching.

        About two blocks over we found a small pizzaria that is a sister restaurant to Mediterranea that we stopped at for another lunch. Decent, but not memorable.

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          Hi Chic.

          I agree, the Joia restaurant is overrated and overpriced.
          I am shocked that NYT recommends Biffi...
          one of the most famous tourist traps in Milan.


    1. It is an interesting challenge...

      Off the beaten paths

      Ristorante CASCINA CORBA
      Via dei Gigli 14
      Tel. 02 41 58 977

      50 Euro/pax for a three course dinner/lunch with a good Gewurztraminer wine.
      It is an old restored farmhouse, still in Milan but NOT centrally located. Not exactly "Milanese" cooking but worth the taxi trip.

      In my opinion, Trattoria La Milanese in Via Santa Marta is another tourist trap, a pale imitation of
      authentic Milanese classical cooking (Risotto Giallo - Ossibuchi alla Milanese - Mondeghili)

      Via Temperanza, 5
      Tel. 02 26 13 855

      Around 25 Euro/pax for a two course dinner (always closed for lunch) without the wine
      Again, not centrally located, east of Milan.
      Only 3 E X C E L L E N T Risotti on the list and they change every day.
      It is a a guaranteed recommendation, but service depends on the waiters' mood...

      A fish dinner?

      Via Alserio, 15

      Tel. 02 66 85 448
      Around 40 Euro/pax for a two course dinner without the wine.

      My local suggestions do not include famous, fancy, trendy, expensive restaurants.
      You do not need a native to know about CRACCO PECK or similar