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Sep 12, 2010 01:50 PM

Moderators: South Dakota? [Moved from Mountain States]

Hi there,

I was just wondering if you would consider adding South Dakota to the "mountain states" board. Yes, eastern SD is probably Mid-westernish, but the Black Hills (in the far west) is a fairly large area and part of the Rocky Mountain, mountain system, and because of Deadwood/Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse, we're pretty well known as a place tourists go through not only to get to Yellowstone, but a place mountainy in its own right, too.

Anyway, I'd feel more at home posting here, regionally.


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  1. I'm not expressing an opinion on this - I'm happy to leave it up to those who live there - but I'd like to ask the following question: If it is decided that it makes sense to move South Dakota from the Great Plains forum to the Mountain States forum, should North Dakota be moved along with it? (I'm guessing the answer is yes...?)

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Hmm. Good question.

      The reason I suggested it, is if you go to the "Great Plains" site, so many postings are for places like Kansas City, St. Louis, Iowa City, etc.

      Those place are far, far, far away from ND and SD.

      Typically, depending on what journal you're reading, SD often gets placed with the other mountain states.

      For example, High Country News will sometimes include stories if they're from the Black Hills of SD, since that's considered "mountain" and the mountain news is relevant to other "mountain" states. However, having said that, SD is a big state, and its far eastern side probably has more in common with the midwest, "Great Plains."