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Sep 12, 2010 12:56 PM

Suggestions for a Nice Wedding Gift 4-500?

Any suggestions for a very nice wedding gift for a family member in the 4-500 range?

they already have a kitchen aid stand mixed but any other suggestions are surely welcome. thanks.

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  1. I would highly recommend that you purchase based on their registry. Highly. If something's not there, it's pretty likely that they don't really, really want it.

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      Um.... Another possibility is that, if an item isn't on their registry, maybe they don't KNOW [much/anything] about it. These days, especially among young couples, there may be more familiarity with heavily-advertised items (yeah, think the "Brides" magazines) than cooking knowledge. If your family member/betrothed falls into this camp, why not get them something they're gonna LOVE when they learn a little more?

      If you want to score points with the groom (and probably also the bride), one suggestion might be a set of really good steak knives. They'd remember you and your gift FOREVER, every time they use them (as opposed to, e.g., the gravy boat that is lost in obscurity until broken).

    2. Or put the $$$ on a gift card for the store where they are registered. Just because I want a 13 piece set of stainless tri-ply Calphalon doesn't mean the bride and groom also do.

      If there is something on the registry you have a question about, please post here.

      1. I agree with the others, either pick out something from their registry, or give them cash / gift card. I can't say for your family members, but I want to pick my own kitchen items.

        1. Have they registered for china? While some people may select place-settings, you could select a few of the larger serving dishes, platters, and lesser known items to round out their collection. Do they enjoy cooking? Would they enjoy/benefit from private cooking lessons from a chef in their area?

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            that's a good idea; those serving pieces are pricy and more than many people want to spend.

            1. re: DGresh

              Yep. Our younger daughter and SIL got a pretty expensive, copper gratin pan that way. When I saw it on their WS registry, I teased her that they'd never get THAT. But they did.

            2. re: enbell

              My favorite idea yet, platters, etc. Love the cooking lessons suggestion, too.

            3. Sometimes couples won't register for mutiple single items in that price range, so the registry doesn't always give the whole picture. Here's an example.

              A few years ago, some friends were getting married and we knew that they wanted a Weber gas grill (they had a charcoal Weber already). So several of us pitched in to buy them a Weber Genesis and the couple were thrilled and surprised about it.

              Perhaps some of their friends or other family members might be able to give you some ideas?

              Another larger gift we have given a couple of times that has been well received is a large size Le Creuset enameled pot (9-13qt sizes). Always purchased from a local store where it could be returned if they wanted another color, shape or size, or didn't really want a large LC pot. So far, no returns, happily surprised couples.