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Sep 12, 2010 12:50 PM

Inexpensive pasta machine?

I'm developing a yearning to make pasta at home but not so much as to spend much on the machine. I found this one on Overstock, and the reviews on the site are mostly positive, but I was hoping someone here might have experience with it or something similar to recommend. Is an Atlas worth $30 more? Thanks.

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  1. I suspect it's probably fine. I got a made-in-China one called a "Jumbo Handy Machine" and it seems to be pretty much identical to the Imperia or Atlas ones. I certainly have no complaints.

    1. Just picked up an Imperia from W/S last weekend. Love it! That said, the one you've found will certainly saves you a couple bucks and looks pretty much, the reviews seem good. (Side note: isn't it shocking how light Overstock can be on product information...)

      1. If you check some other threads on the subject you'll find some folks who were not happy with their Chinese Atlas knock-offs. I don't recall the Imperia and Atlas being that much more expensive than the others, but keep in mind that they last for decades so you may only save a couple of bucks a year. Also, if you want to make more types of pasta or add a motor you might have trouble finding attachments for a knock-off. On the other hand, if you end up making 3 or 4 batches and decide it's not worth the effort, you're only out $30.

        1. Try Ebay for a good price on Atlas or Imperia. I bought one for my son recently - complete with all kinds of different rollers - for much less than it would have cost me to get a new knock-off.