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Sep 12, 2010 12:45 PM

Bo De Duyen question

I live in Washington DC but I have a friend in Toronto, who I know used to love this place when it was a full restaurant. I'll be visitiing in late September.
Through a little research, it seems that it now has a very limited menu takeout location, and according to their website, are to open a full service restaurant sometime soon.
It also seems to indicate that they have full menu available for pickup or delivery.
Can anyone in TO tell me any more about this?
Ideally, I'd like to surprise him by taking him to the new full location, but I don't think it's open yet.
Alternately, I'd like to surprise him with takeout of several items not available at the limited location.
Any help or advice is appreciated

Bo De Duyen
1999 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6R1W7, CA

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  1. BDB is now a bubble tea shop on Spadina just north of Queen W about 2 blocks south of where they used to be. No eat-in. Frozen vegetarian food only (mostly fake meat), tho they might have a non-frozen daily special. Nothing at all like it used to be. Dundas never opened.