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Sep 12, 2010 11:57 AM

Caribbean Food YYC

Anybody out there know of any good Carribean resteraunts in Calgary?

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  1. i think its called aaa or something like that on 17 and 52 se beside skylark ,i havent been there in awhile but everything ive had there was good.a quik google came up with this short list

    1. i used to go to this place called "What's Up?" -- on 17th across from where Detour used to be. This was all a few years ago, and i've heard they've moved, but are still open. The guy who ran/runs that place is great.

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      1. re: nonlinear

        They've moved to the corner of 17th and 5th SW, next to 7-11.

        We like Joycee's at Edmonton Tr and 1st NE. McGlutton, what sort of "Caribbean" are you asking for? Calgary, like all of Canada, is very thin to nonexistent wrt Spanish Caribbean but has a decent number of Jamaican places and a couple of Trini ones.

        1. re: John Manzo

          spanish carribean sounds great but I was asking about jamaican

          1. re: mcglutton

            Oops, I found this after I made a new thread. Maybe they can erase that one.

            So I was wondering if anyone remembers The Island Experience on 10th in Kensinton? I may be nostalgic but have never found another place that is quite the same. Specifically their parathas with curry lamb.

            1. re: The Gut

              +1, I used to "live" at Island Experience and never found anything to compare.

              1. re: The Gut

                This must be the roti place that closed right before I moved to Calgary 12 years ago. I never got to try it.

                There's a fair bit of good Jamaican in Calgary. Trinidadian roti, not so many. That's what I go to Toronto for :-)

                1. re: plateofshrimp

                  There seems to be a hole in the Calgary market for trinidadian roti and doubles I agree. I CRAVE this as I grew up with a trinidadian family and we had regular Sunday feasts. If anybody hears of a good place opening up please post!