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Sep 12, 2010 11:34 AM

Fall trip to the Farms in SLO - Is La Famillia Open this year

Just wanted to check, its time for planning to go up to that area from the LA area to stock up on pumpkins and apples. I can't wait.

We usually go to La Familia and Gopher Glen

Anything new in the area we should check out this year?


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  1. I too hope La Familia is open, and soon!

    1. blast that side button on the mouse--just lost a long post.

      But yes, La Familia is open, not sure if p'kins are ready yet, but sunflowers for sale. I'll check this week on my rounds.

      Jack Creek Farms in Templeton on 46 West is looking good.

      There might be something newish in Garden Farms near Santa Margarita just off 101 on El Camino. I'll try to check. checked: NOPE.

      Windmill Farms doesn't have P'kins out yet, but will soon, and they have a small menagerie of farm animals, plus produce they grow themselves, also sometimes fresh local fish. Look for the covered wagon at Los Berros Rd and 101, between Nipomo and Arroyo Grande.

      Cambria has some fall farm stands besides Linn's up Old Santa Rosa Creek Rd. Lovely rural drive. Dos Pasos Farm on SR CK Rd in Cambria is open on weekends in October. Call first.

      Rutiz Farm Stand on The Pike in Arroyo Grande always has pumpkins this time of year, and some of the heirloom type too. A nice farmstand open Tues 1-6, Fri 1-6 and Sat 10-3. Sustainably raised produce and flowers. very nice folks. Summer time they have several weeks of u-pick raspberries.

      here is an all-purpose link to SLO AG Tourism: note the link to Pioneer Museum in Paso, next to the fairgrounds. Paso was a huge grain and dry-farming area in the early 1900's. Lots of stuff for older kids to see here.

      sshh: another interesting spot for kids:

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        Thanks! Now I know its safe to plan a trip in October! Kids, that place looks great for adults, but it doesn't look like there are open ride dates in October, drat!

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          to add: Blue Sky Farms in Garden Farms, which usually has a corn maze, will be closed until spring. Owner needed a break.

        2. La Familia is now displaying pumpkins and looks ready for kidlets!

          La Familia Restaurant
          1008 W Sacramento Ave Ste E, Chico, CA 95926

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            yippie- a great excue to come up and go to Petras again! still want to Neon Carrot with you Toddie Jane!