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Un-pasteurized Apple Cider

I realize this may be considered heresy, but I am looking for good old fashioned un-filtered and un-pasteurized apple cider in the twin cities.

I miss the thick syrupy cider I could get in Michigan. I’m willing to travel an hour or so in any direction. Any place still make this stuff?

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  1. No specifics, but I would recommend calling around on weekdays, asking who has a press at the orchard, gathering information. In my experience, there are orchards that sell unpasteurized cider directly off the farm here. (I live in Kansas, and it may vary state to state.) If one orchard doesn't do it themselves, they may have some idea who does. Farmer's markets are also a good place to get a lead on fresh cider. Here's a website from which to start: http://www.allaboutapples.com/orchard...

    1. I got some Hoch Orchard apple cider at the Wedge last week. It was unfiltered and tasted nicely of apples, but might not fully qualify as thick and syrupy (I have had better at a couple of orchards in MA but this was definitely "fresh fall cider" and might be good for a closer cider fix). I believe it was UV-treated rather than pasteurized.

      1. the Wedge used to sell one from 'Turkey Ridge' though they didnt carry it last year. hope they do this year, it was always great.

        the people that sell the cider doughnuts at the StP farmers market were sell it last year.

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          I used to work at the Wedge, and I'm sorry to say there were regulations that prevented us from selling unpasteurized cider anymore. Everyone misses Turkey Ridge.

        2. Don't know for a fact if they have it, but Aamodt's in Stillwater makes their own. And they make some pretty dark thick stiff. Check them out.

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            We just bought a gallon yesterday from Aamodt's. It's not bad, but it's not what I am looking for. I have not been to the St. Paul Farmers market in the fall, bujt I may take a trip next weekend.

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              Oh. I feel bad for you. Sure wish Aamodt's had fit the bill. I feel your pain, loving raw (unpasturized) cheeses. Good luck! The FM may help. Do you have a MN Grown 'catalog'? Ask for one at the FM when you go. It lists a bazillion people all over the state and what they do/sell. You could then call people and ask them if they have what you're looking for. I swear by the MN Grown directoriy. No, I am not affiliated with them. Just love them to death.

          2. Bob's Bluebird Orchard at the St Paul Farmers Market (they sell the cider doughnuts) has delicious unfiltered unpasteurized cider. It is my favorite too.

            St Paul Farmers Market
            275 4th St E, St Paul, MN 55101

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              is Bob's Bluebird from organic apples?

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                for organic: try hoch, sweetland orchard, breezy hill.

                the op should specify that unpasteurized is the item that's desired. sometimes the farmer will be nervous to sell unpasteurized cider in quantity, or will sell it only frozen. reassure the farmer that you're using it in cooking or homebrewing, or offer to come pick it up at the farm yourself.

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                I'll be there Saturday morning. I'll report back.

                Thank you all for the tips.

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                  No go at the Farmers Market today. I didn't see any cider let alone teh kind I was looking for. It' stoo bad.

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                    Do you have a picture of what you are looking for? The cider I got from Applewood Orchards is unpasteurized, and is certainly opaque, but I'd hate to send you all the way to Lakeville for the wrong kind of stuff.

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                      hoch organic apple cider is uv-treated, not pasteurized. i think this season's fresh batch is available at all of the co-ops. don't know about the filtering.

              3. I make hard cider every year from from apples that grow in my yard, some times I find that I need a couple more gallons to complete a recipe. My fallback is Trader Joes they have unadulterated cider also Midwest supplies for homebrewing will sell fresh from the orchard cider that comes in 5 gallon bucket.

                1. I went to the Mill City Farmer's Market yesterday and there is an apple stand there with cider...I think the sign said Sweetland Orchard. Their whiteboard said 1/2 gallon raw, unpasteurized cider, $5...and when I got a jug of it it was labeled Bob's Bluebird Orchard.

                  I apologize if it wasn't at the SPFM, as I haven't been on Saturday this year, but that's where I have seen them and their cider in years past.

                  To answer the previous query, I don't think Bob's Bluebird Orchard is organic.

                  Mill City Farmer's Market
                  750 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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                    by my understanding Sweetland Orchard bought Bob's Bluebird (land and all) last year and is moving it toward a more foodie-friendly position. They use IPM, not necessarily full organic. They press and sell cider - you'll have to ask them about the unpasteurized ,but I suspect they're game and you'd have to bring your own container. They also will bring a 5-gal bucket to a farmers market for you if you arrange it with them.