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Sep 12, 2010 09:13 AM

Upcoming chef? Local sourcing? Southern food? Or just yummy, midweek dinner, affordable, DC?

I'll be in DC for a conference in mid-October, staying in Georgetown. Meeting an old family friend for dinner. Want affordable southern food or really good eating spot where I CAN get a reservation. Seafood? Southern? Local ingredients? Must just be yummy and not break the bank. Ideas?

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  1. Do you have to stay in Georgetown? If not head over to U Street and grab dinner at Creme. Great, neighborhood feel with affordable and tasty Southern-inspired cuisine.

    1. Seafood? Southern? Not. But yummy & local, takes reservations in Georgetown? Filomena has housemade pasta, definitely yummy. You can get some fish at Bistro Francais and it won't break the bank. I know these two don't exactly fit the bill, just my ideas.

      1. My favorite is Jaleo for Spanish tapas, but it's not in Georgetown. Go for the spinach with raisins, the babby wrinkled potatoes, the salad with beets and citrus, the cucumbers stuffed with cheese and tomato, garlic mushrooms, and the tortilla al momento.

        1. How about Sou'wester in the Mandarin Oriental for Southern inspired? Not cheap but not too over the top.