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Sep 12, 2010 06:38 AM

Fridge door not completely closed last night

It was touching but not sealed. Fridge and contents were cool but probably not as cold as they normally would be. Milk smelled fine. Do I have anything to worry about in terms of meat, eggs, dairy? Thanks.

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  1. Probably not.
    Eggs are fine if left in a bowl on the counter for hours (your fridge is colder than that). Meat is often left to come to room temperature before cooking.
    Milk is the most problematic, and you said yours smells fine.

    I would use up the milk and white cheeses (Cottage, etc_ quickly)
    Sours and cultures---sour cream, yogurt should not be affected by this ajar door overnight.

    All of the above assumes your kitchen was not in th 80+ degree range overnight.

    1. Things on the shelves of the door should be looked over - this spot is generally the warmest since it gets the most exposure each time you open it.

      The main things I'd be concerned with would be raw meats, especially ground and offal.

      I keep a thermometer in the fridge, it has helped me make decisions in this sort of situation several times!

      1. your nose is your friend

        cook what you can, eat the rest that you might think will go off fastest.

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          yeah if it smells fine and taste fine u can eat it. And milk is probably the first thing to go bad so if it was ok the rest should be too

        2. Doors touching isn't like wide open, I personally wouldn't freak out. But you really should have a thermometer in there at all times anyway, there are plenty of other causes of temp variation to watch for besides the obvious.