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Sep 12, 2010 06:31 AM

Can you clean up old posts [moved from Dallas board]

Too many of the Topics on Dallas restaurants contain posts that are well over a year old and contain wrong information, i.e. refer to sites that have since closed. Please edit or delete this old information.

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  1. If you aren't completely aware of the fact then you may at least be partly aware that this site (Chowhound) is all "user" content generated. That means that if you, or I or any other hound here sees something that needs "updating" we either do it ourselves (or - for the most part - it doesn't get done). So when you see an old post on a Dallas restaurant that you know to be wrong, please feel free to chime in with up to date information.

    The same goes for "Place Links." If you haven't emailed the moderators at: and asked for them to enable you to add or correct place links please do so. Then you will be able to hit the "edit" button on any Place Link and correct erroneous data.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks for mentioning the restaurant and bars record. Here's an example of a place marked as closed

      I don't know how much the folks in Dallas link, so as you mentioned, just posting the place is closed is usually the most helpful way to go for everyone.

      1. re: Servorg

        The "Restaurants and Bars" aka Places database can be edited by any registered member of this site, as far as the "factual" fields. That was announced a few months ago. No need to request editing ability. . . which makes it even more disappointing that more 'hounds haven't stepped up to maintain the info.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I missed that, Mel...thanks for the heads up.

          1. re: Servorg

            My recollection is that there was an earlier announcement by the Chow Team explaining the reasons for doing so and exactly which fields could be edited. But I don't have the patience to try to find it now.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            >>> which makes it even more disappointing that more 'hounds haven't stepped up to maintain the info

            Melanie, this has nothing to do with hounds but with something that doesn't work.

            As much as I would like to update and add records, once again I must stop.

            1. The formatting is so screwed up and overwriting entry boxes, I can't figure out what to put where. Even a screen print has gotten no response as to whether this will be fixed.

            2. I stopped months ago updating restaurant records because the search list would not allow me to open results in a new tab. This was fixed last month and I entered a few hundred records. As of this week it no longer works, so until it does again, I won't be entering any more restaurant records unless necessary.

            3. There is an apache error that again has not response despite a report.

            4. The add restaurant function is not intuitive at all. When this was put in ... what ... a few years ago ... it was supposed to be temporary. I'll bet a lot of people don't know they can be added.

            5. In regard to number 4, I see that on boards that allow linking there is now an add record tab. Since I'm mainly on a board that doesn't link I gave this option a test drive on the SF board. It is ugly. First, there the problem of every restaurant being listed. Next there's the problem of adding a link and it appears and disappears. I added the record using this option and it disappeared.

            If adding a restaurant wasn't difficult, unintuitive and bug-ridden, maybe more hounds would

            If someone like me, who probably has added well over 1,000 records since this option was put in gives up in frustration ... what are the chances someone unfammiliar with all the quirks are going to want to add or modify records.

            And let me re-state again, I find it inexplicable that the people who try to keep this up ... jen kalb, squid-kun, yourself and others ... get zero response when they report a problem.

            I'm not a mind reader. I have no clue if my reported problem is being blow off or if it will be fixed. When I get no response it makes me more likely to add less records, or just stop as I did again recently.

            1. re: rworange

              I add place links when and where i can. Nothing like you or Melanie, but at least when I see a gaping need I try and find the time to fill it. One of the things that I wish other people who add links would be aware of is to title the restaurant (or market or what have you) with the simplest, most straight forward title they can come up with. No hyphens. No strange spellings. I find many times that these things make finding the place link almost impossible most of the time.

              1. re: Servorg

                There's somewhat of an edit in the add function that sometimes won't allow special characters ... being in GT, sometimes when I cut and past the name I forget to change the ñ,ü, etc to n, u ..

                It is not a consistant message though and usually happens with the accented e in café

                Then it gets ugly. It remembers the accented e and doesn't recogize the correction, so you have to just start all over again.

                Checking for odd characters is good if it was consistant since as you mentioned café will not turn up in the search list if you search on cafe ... sometimes.

                1. re: rworange

                  When I finally find the place link I routinely go in and edit the title to make it as easy as possible to find. If nothing else (or even if no one else cares) at least I'll be able to find it the next time around.