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Sep 12, 2010 06:26 AM

What's For Dinner? Part XLVII

Wow - over 200 again just since Labor Day. Lots of good chow out there. So that said, what are you making for dinner?

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  1. Last night we went to dinner with MIL. Of course it was her favorite steak house. We all decided to order the bone-in rib-eye. Wow. It was like a half slab of beef on a plate! Sooooo good though. Added to that, was some onion rings to start with a veggie tray, a nice salad (next time dressing will be on the side - way over dressed), then the steak and a baked potato. Ice cream for desert. Needless to say, we all brought home steak to eat later this week.

    So tonight will be some BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and I'll make a macaroni salad, which for some reason I have not made lately. Have some nice soft rolls to go with it too.

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      I have to say - I LOVE my side burner on my gas grill. I decided not to heat up the house and boiled the eggs for the salad on the BBQ, then while those cooled, I cooked the pasta for the salad. Once those were done, rinsed the pasta, pealed the eggs. Diced the eggs, added diced dill pickles, celery, green onion, pimento, shredded cheese, s&p, Best Foods Mayo, Dijon mustard and shredded carrots. DH said it was the best he has ever had. Who knew? He said it was the combo of the pickles, pimento, celery and cheese that made the difference.

    2. Well, they're predicting rain tonight so I thought a good old fashioned Chicken Pot Pie would hit the spot. I bake mine in a 9x13 pan so there's plenty to go around. It's one of everyone's favorites at my house.

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        mmm, that sounds great. do you use pie crust, puff pastry, or biscuit topping?

      2. It's cool and gloomy out, and I suspect we'll get some rain this afternoon or evening. I'm have brunch with friends I haven't seen for several months, and then will come home and make a meat loaf. Not sure how; I've got some caramelized onions I could add to the ground beef/pork mix, but I also have some great herbed goat cheese I could layer between two patties of the meat mixture as well. We'll see what I'm in the mood for later.

        Sour cream mashed potatoes and peas and some of the gazillion carrots I have in my veggie drawer cut up and cooked with the peas.

        There WILL be meat loaf sandwiches for work lunches. :-D

        1. Comfort food for us, boyzoma. Oven-roasted Turkey breast, herbed gravy, garlic mash and vegies. I froze cranberries last year and they need to go, so a quick chutney with some golden raisins. I have outstanding dill bread to put it on and ladle it all over, and that, my friends, is dinner today.

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            That sounds wonderful. I love making turkey when there is no "holiday" requirement!

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              tell us more about that dill bread, please.

              1. re: ChristinaMason

                I do an oh-so-basic challah, add dill weed and a bit of celery seed to the dough, and sprinkle same on top w/ a little crushed kosher salt. Do you need a challah recipe?

                1. re: mamachef

                  sure! that sounds good. could you give approximate measurements for your add-ins?

                  1. re: ChristinaMason

                    Hi Christina!! Here's the basic Challah I use; very easy. I add to the base 2 tsp. dill weed and 1 tsp. crushed celery seed or weed, and crush 2 t. kosher salt w/ same mixture to use for topping the egg glaze atop the bread.
                    1&1/2 c. water, warm
                    1/2 c. honey
                    1 T. oil
                    4 eggs, lightly beaten
                    1&1/2 t. salt
                    1 T. sugar
                    2 tsp. instant active dry yeast
                    5 cups flour, plus additional (8-9 cups usually).
                    Additional herbs/spices, above
                    1 egg. beaten with 1 t. water for glazing
                    Mix all ing. in v. lg. bow. Add additional flour to make soft dough; knead approx. 10 minutes. oil and set aside in warm place for an hour and a half for the first rise (let it nearly double.) Punch down when rise is complete. Divide into 8 equal balls and form each ball into a rope. Use 4 ropes per braid to form two loaves. Let loaves rise another 35 minutes or so. Glaze with egg wash and sprinkle herbs on top: bake 325 for about 35-40 minutes. This is so good, like a kinda sweet, herby brioche. It was soooo good under our hot turkey sandwiches. I applaud you for even thinking about baking, what with you being in a new place and all!

            2. It's been raining here since last night, so no grilled whole trout for a while >sigh<

              Instead, and thanks to Harters for the inspiration in the last thread, I'm gonna try my hand at imam biyaldi (stuffed eggplant). Not sure yet whether it will be with or w/out meat. Probably without, tho.

              Side will be a cuke salad.

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              1. re: linguafood

                That sounds good. I may copy you (and Harters) this week; I've been making to try a recipe I've got.

                1. re: ChristinaMason

                  < I've been making to try a recipe I've got.>

                  What the hell kind of English was this? LOL. I need grammar-check.

                2. re: linguafood

                  Actually we do a low fat version of imam bayeldi as part of a meze - it's better than this latest try., or as a starter.

                  Slices of aubergine get poached in flavoured tomato juice (say, passata flavoured with garlic, lemon, mint). Towards the end, the heat gets turned up so the juice reduces to something quite sticky. The slices cool in that (to room temperature).

                  Fry some onion, add in soem chopped tomato, pine-nuts, raisins/currants/sultanas, and lots of parsley. Heat through for a few minutes. Leave that to cool then use as a topping for the slices.